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Gauss Enterprise (Gauss Hi-Tech Company) was founded in 1982 at the name of Gauss Automation Industrial Co., Ltd. and was located in Da-Chie Rd., Chieng Shuei, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. In 1991, we changed the company name into "Gauss Enterprise" as individual proprietorship and devote ourselves to the automation equipment and game program research and development since then. We work very hard on researching game technology and try to put all the game knowledge together systematically to help those people who are interested in learning game technology. We then established Gauss Books Co. in 1995 for books publication in order to enrich the game technology and to train qualified people to meet the needs of the game industry. To run business enduringly is not our slogan but our fighting goal. For accomplishing this goal, we produce high quality game and automation machine along with good service for our clients. We cooperate with university to train talent students to design game software and hardware. We also encourage our staff to pursuit master’s and doctoral degree of electronic and management in universities to go with the tide of the industry development. We insist to keep our cost down by having good quality employees and outsourcing partners. Since we know the industry of game technology change rapidly, we will keep devoting ourselves to catch the trend of game business by combining research, produce and selling together effectively. We are not the largest company in game business but we try to be the best. We have dedicated ourselves to game business for many years therefore we appeal all the people in game business to respect our intellectual property and to get legal authorization from us for all our products, related knowledge and publications. Our key business presently include game technology consultation, game developing platform and accessories, arcade game interface card for PC, Multigame, teaching materials of electromechanical integration and related products. E-mail: Website:
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