Xing Li Software Design Company 星力电脑
價值6,000萬美元的柬埔寨遊樂園 (2018/01/16)
英國ICE展參展商數量位列前三大:馬爾他、美國和義大利 (2018/01/12)
2018年GTI台北展廠商協調會2月1日舉行 (2018/01/10)
阿拉伯聯合大公國2018主要新景點陸續完工 (2018/01/09)
ALEA公司推出遊戲聚合平台 (2018/01/08)
《GTI國際專刊》截稿在即,速起行動~~搶佔先機 (2017/01/04)
GTI前進 3月俄羅斯RAAPA 春季展 (2018/01/02)
歐洲賭場協會鼎力支持英國賭場大獎 (2017/12/29)
尼亞加拉娛樂城翻新已完工 (2017/12/28)
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Founded in 2003 and located in Guangzhou City, benefited from the convenient transportation and abundant materials, Xing Li Software Design Company is a special manufacturer and wholesaler of all kinds of amusement game boards, simulator machines and related accessories. Our factory covers an area of 1000 square meters with neat and clean working environment. We have 50 employees. Moreover, we have a professional research and development team to develop a variety of multi-games and arcade game animation software. We welcome any OEM and ODM customers to cooperate with us for developing new programs and making a win-win situation. In recent year, Xing Li Software Design Company has been developing rapidly because of reasonable prices, short production time and satisfactory after-sales service. We sincerely hope to establish cooperative relationships with customers from all over the world in the future, and look forward to receiving your inquiries soon. TEL:86-020-23885408 Attn:Yuki Zhang ADD:No.B73 Xing Yu Dong Man Area Ying Xin Road,Pan Yu District,Guang Zhou City. E-mail: Website:
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