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Da Sheng Technology’s Latest World-Class Achievement-“50 Tiger”
Da Sheng Technology’s Latest World-Class Achievement-“50 Tiger”
By / Jim Ke/ Ian Hsu

Da Sheng Technology was founded in 2002 at Shingang Town, Chiayi County, Taiwan.  Even though it only has 9 years of history, its well-experienced Chairman Ta-Tung Lin has successfully steered the company to the global market and the firm also has received great recognition in both of the amusement and gaming industry.  Targeting on the market potential of Central and South America and the Eastern and Southern Europe, Da Sheng Technology recently launched its latest slot machine “50 Tiger” and hopes this new arcade machine can become an overwhelming hit all over the world.

Head to Central and South America and Europe

Da Sheng Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in 2011 with four major sectors including Factory Affairs Department, Domestic Sales Department, Overseas Sales Department, and Research and Development Department.  Led by Ta-Tung Lin, a very experienced veteran who has worked in the amusement machine industry for more than 20 years, Da Sheng Technology now has developed a complete spectrum of arcade machines and amusement games including pinball bingo, Mario slot, basketball arcade machine, arcade crane machine, video arcade machine, gift machine, roulette machine, and related accessories and parts.

Da Sheng Technology has built up a good reputation and gained a large amount of business opportunities in the global arcade machine market through making use of online technologies and famous online business platforms such as “china.alibaba.com” and many others.  “We had made a lot of efforts in overseas markets and accumulated a good amount of results already.  70 percent of our overseas orders are from the Central and South America and 30 percent are from the European market,” said Ta-Tung Lin.  He added “Aiming for entering the market of Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and Greece is such a new challenge for Da Sheng Technology.  We will use a new marketing strategy to face the fierce competition that is highly connected to our further development in the global market.  Moreover, there is a whole new slot machine “50 Tiger” which is going to be released recently.    ”

Da Sheng Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd has a wide spectrum of product lines including Mario Slot such as “Happy Paradise,” pinball machines such as “7 Color Dragon Perals,” video slots like “Golden Apple” and cabinets with special size for smaller arcade machines.

50 Tiger with best quality

Da Sheng Technology is always well-known for developing and supplying a complete range of arcade machines such as Mario Slot including “Golden Treasure,” “7 Dragon Perals,” and “Happy Paradise,” pinball machines such as “7 Color Dragon Perals” and “Pinball Arcade Machine” and video arcade games including “Golden Tiger 5PK” and “Golden Apple.”  The firm also provides different kinds of games and various types of cabinets for the smaller arcade machines.  “We have noticed that the need of Mario Slot in the market of Latin America has declined but the pinball machine market is still huge.  Basically, Latin American people follow the trends spreading from the European market, just like Taiwan always chases after the fashion in Japan.  Nevertheless, taking Mexico as an example, the change of spending habits in Mexico has gotten faster and faster.  Sometimes it is almost at the same pace with the market movements in the US and Europe,” said Ta-Tung Lin.

Therefore, to meet the consumer’s tastes in Central and South America and Europe, Da Sheng Technology has launched its latest slot machine which is named as “50 Tiger” and equipped with 20 reels, 50 lines and a dynamic cabinet embedded with LED lights.  It is an Africa Savanna themed slot game with various wildlife totems including tigers, elephants, and lions.  According to Ta-Tung Lin, “There are two versions of “50 Tiger” including one with a touch screen system and another with a set of ordinary button control device in response to the preference of European and Columbian consumers who prefer to use the touch screen system.” “50 Tiger” has received an excellent amount of orders across the globe and delivery of the machines started in February 2011 before the Chinese New Year.  Aside from the European and Latin American players, it is estimated that Taiwanese players can experience the charm of wildlife through playing African-styled “50 Tiger” as well after the examination and assessment by the government around March.

Heading to the global

When talking about the overseas market, Ta-Tung Lin had mentioned, “Especially to the gaming industry, the development of every market is highly affected by the change of the law.  For instance, many operators are waiting for an appropriate moment to enter the Chilean gaming market before its new law is fully established.”  However, except for Chile, other countries in Latin America still have a huge market potential for Da Sheng Technology to explore.

 “Comparing two types of operation models for gaming machines in Latin America, the market potential of machine leasing is much bigger than selling machines to casinos.  Therefore, the key to control the market of Latin America is controlling the machine leasing market,” said Ta-Tung Lin.  He emphasized “Among Da Sheng Technology’s global customers Latin American operators and distributors play the most important role to the firm, they request for the largest number of orders.”

When it comes to the development in the European market, Da-Tung Lin expressed with a confident smile that “The European market is quite different from the Latin American market.  Except for the machine leasing market, the casino market is also in need of our gaming machines.  Moreover, with the assistance of the Internet, which offers an infinite platform without the restrictions of borders, Da Sheng Technology has even received a more favorable recognition on the sales number of the machines in the Eastern Europe including Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and Greece.  Business people always appear and gather at the place indicating business opportunities and Taiwan-based manufacturers are no exception.”  From his words, we can feel the persistence and toughness that Taiwanese manufacturers possess in common.
“50 Tiger” is a slot machine with 20 reels and 50 lines and being considered as the main force of Da Sheng Technology in 2011.

In comparison with other Taiwanese machine manufacturers, although Da Sheng Technology is a late comer, the firm has still built up great fame and grows step by step in the highly competitive global market through online business platforms and the cooperation and dedication of the entire company.  After making some modifications for the consumers’ spending habits, in the year of 2011 to 2012, Da Shen Technology plans to use 50 Tiger as their main product for their worldwide export especially in the Central and South America and the European market.  “Hopefully, 50 Tiger could enable Da Sheng Technology to reach a new peak in the coming year and explicitly display the firm’s R&D power in manufacturing quality and innovative game design.” said Da-Tung Lin.

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