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FYC’s New Arrivals
FYC’s New Arrivals
■ Candy Mao / Ian Hsu
Taiwanese kiddie ride developers are famous for their quality, innovation and services on the global stage and Feng Yung Cheng Co. Ltd. (FYC) is the most outstanding one among them. With a history of 30 years, FYC already has a rich product line and continues to roll out new models to the market constantly. The firm’s products are widely favored by domestic and international customers.
Established in 1980, FYC has become the largest coin-operated kiddie ride developer and manufacturer in Taiwan. FYC shapes its global image with excellent quality, fabulous post-sale services, and reasonable prices. As one of Taiwan’s leading and most representative game machine brands, FYC has customers from the US, Southwest Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Below is a quick look at FYC’s new arrivals. GTI Magazine readers are privileged to witness their latest achievements in advance!
MW-001 Mini Candy Panda
Dimensions: L88, D63, H85 (cm)
Weight: 50kgs
MW-002 Candy Puppy
Dimensions: L99, D63, H85 (cm)
Weight: 50kgs
MW-003 Mini Candy Elephant
Dimensions: L99, D63, H85 (cm)
Weight: 50kgs
MW-004 Mini Candy Sheep
Dimensions: L99, D63, H85 (cm)
Weight: 50kgs
MW-005 Mini Candy Cow
Dimensions: L99, D63, H85 (cm)
Weight: 50kgs
MW-006 Mini Candy Lion
Dimensions: L99, D63, H85 (cm)
Weight: 50kgs
FT-008 Star Bus
Dimensions: L190, D190, H140 (cm)
Weight: 130kgs
FC-106 AH-64 Fight Helicopter
Dimensions: L200, D150, H210 (cm)
Weight: 160kgs
FT-007 Po Po Train
Dimensions: L190, D190, H150 (cm)
Weight: 120kgs
FC-104 Happy Ladybug
Dimensions: L175, D105, H120 (cm)
Weight: 120kgs
FC-105 Hope Pirate
Dimensions: L206, D86, H196 (cm)
Weight: 120kgs
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