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New Products from Zhongshan Guang Yang
New Products from Zhongshan Guang Yang
■ Candy Mao / Pauline Tsai
With its strong R&D capability, Zhongshan Guang Yang Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. (Zhongshan Guang Yang) releases new products every year bringing players and clients fun and surprises! Moreover, the company's powerful technical advantage gives their clients a great guarantee in the quality of technical support and customer service. This year, ten new game machines from Zhongshan Guang Yang will be released one after another. Zhongshan Guang Yang will once again lead another trend in the amusement world! Wait for it and look forward to it!
Attack Pirate
Film Tour

Specialized in the production of redemption machines and video games, Zhongshan Guang Yang is a developer, manufacturer, and dealer of carnival games, video games and other electronic game machines. Zhongshan Guang Yang will release ten new games including “Attack Pirate”, “Film Tour”, “Lucky Motor”, “Piano Chuckles” and “Wasps Battle” this year. Most of the new games are created and taken from the tradition games which will give players familiar feelings but new fun!

Attack Pirate Features
1. Somalian pirates are here to attack! Drive your boat and fight back!
2. Easy game play, intense gun fights, popular with players.

Film Tour Features:

1. The screen will be started after certain coins are inserted, balls will be released as well.
2. Players press start according to the displayed location and moving speed on the screen.
3. The screen will be stopped while the ball rolled to the top of the film.
4. If the arrow pointed to the screen, players will win tickets.

Lucky Motor Features :
1. Start the game after inserting coins.
2. Choose your character.
3. Control the handlebars to get coins, diamonds and treasure box.
4. Finish the journey in time and win the target points to enter the next level.
5. The more points you win, the more tickets you get.

Piano Chuckles Features :
1. Play beautiful songs with the piano keyboard.
2. Play the corresponding key while the note drops down
3. Every tempo has a different note.

Wasps Battle Features
1. Bumble bees on the 100-year-old tree are angry! They are coming after you!
2. Pick up the gun next to you and start shooting at them to win more tickets!
3. Win up to 60 points to enter the next level.
4. Can be played by two players each time.

pic1:Lucky Motor、 pic2:Piano Chuckles、 pic3:Wasps Battle
※The report is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 116 in March, 2013.
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