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Brogent Technologies opens experience center in Kaohsiung

Brogent Global, a subsidiary of the Taiwan-based motion capture system provider Brogent Technologies, held the grand opening ceremony for its “i-Ride Experience Center” at its Kaohsiung headquarters on November 6, 2017.  The activity was attended by important guests from the government, academia and industry sectors including Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu, Deputy Minister Wang Mei-hua of the Minister of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Chief Executive Officer Huang I-yu of the Southern Taiwan Joint Services Center under Executive Yuan, Director Huang Wen-ku of the Export Processing Zone Administration under the MOEA, and President Cheng Ying-yao of the National Sun Yat-sen University.

The “i-Ride Experience Center” presents Brogent Group’s flagship product, i-Ride flying theater, and the Brogent Global team is in charge of the planning and operation of the entire center, which covers film production and site design for the flying theater.  Taking the team several months to shoot and produce, the opening film “This is Kaohsiung” displays the beautiful scenery of Kaohsiung and makes participants feel like they are flying over the harbor capital to view the landmark buildings, scenic spots and gorgeous harbor scenes of Kaohsiung from the air.  Through such an immersive flying experience, guests can discover the beauty of Kaohsiung from different angles.

The “flying theater” developed by Brogent Technologies, a representative motion capture system provider in Taiwan, won first place for the category of Europe’s Best New Rides in the European Star Awards this year.

According to Brogent Global Chairman Ouyang Chih-hung, that Brogent’s “flying theater” won first place for the category of Europe’s Best New Rides in the European Star Awards 2017 has again proved that the products created by Kaohsiung and made in Taiwan are able to gain recognition from the top-tier markets like the US and Europe.  He said that today Brogent has brought the world recognized flying theater to the Kaohsiung Software Technology Park and would present to everybody the best experience center in addition to the experiences and energy, which have accumulated over the recent years.  Moreover, based on this “front shop, back factory” model, the experience center operation can integrate the best and the newest high-tech products so as to make preparations for Brogent to reach its goal of creating experience parks.  Brogent also hoped to duplicate and export this model across the world.

Mayor Chen Chu of Kaohsiung City noted that the Kaohsiung City Government is actively promoting the development of the motion capture industry.  In addition to the city government’s proactive assistance to industry members in the policy aspect, Kaohsiung will see the establishment of the motion capture technology industry alliance.  The government and the private sector will join forces to build a motion capture technology cluster in Kaohsiung and make the city an important hub for the international motion capture industry as well as help Taiwanese companies expand into the global market. (2017/11, No. 159GTI)

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