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The largest FEC in China will be opened by the end of this year

China's largest indoor FEC has officially settled in Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan and will be unveiled by the end of 2018.  The center is divided into 9 theme zones, including high-tech 5D cinema, tactile sensing undersea world, funny soft ball area, ropeway, driving school, outdoor islands, interactive slides, dream stage and more than 20 attractions and 23 interactive entertainment rides.  In addition, a child-care room and nursing room are available to meet the recreational and daily needs of each family member. 

Hainan vigorously expands its entertainment, culture and tourism project.

It is learned that, the center is the core entertainment project of Dream Ocean Night City in Haichang, Sanya and it is located on Haitang Bay (the National Coast) with a total construction area of over 6, 000 sq.m and constructed by the top international amusement park design company-Belgium KCC.  The main line of the center is the exploration of treasures by a historic pirate.  Every family member can be involved in the exploration and explore the infinite mysteries of the ocean world, which includes marine life, the world of navigation, and the mysterious sunken ship. (165G/2018.6)

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