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Guandu District of Kunming City completes examination and approval of first new electronic game and amusement venue (2016/12/26)

In accordance with the spirit of the “Notice of the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Sports and the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Public Security on Further Strengthening the Monitoring of Game and Amusement Venues and Promoting the Industry’s Healthy Development (KCRTS Document No. 96 (2016))”, Guandu District has fully opened up to the administrative examination and approval of electronic game and amusement venues.  For the work of examination and approval, the District shall strictly comply with the laws and regulations as well as the rules of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and shall strictly conduct examination and approval as well as enthusiastically provide service.  The District has started accepting application cases, and to date it has provided administrative guidance on business locations for 29 venues and conducted the machine model examination and approval for 3 venues.  The work of examination and work has been launched in order.


On November 10, 2016 Guo Lihua, chief of the Market Division of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Sports, and Party Branch Secretary Mao Pengxian of the Municipal Bureau went to the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Public Security to inspect and study the situation of administrative examination and approval in the cultural market of Guandu District.  They had a detailed understanding of the situation after the District opened up to the examination and approval of game and amusement venues.  After listening to the briefing, comrade Guo lihua gave high marks to the District’s early-stage preparatory work and its examination and approval template for electronic game and amusement venues.  She also brought up valuable opinions and suggestions.  Based on the Market Division chief’s suggestions, the Public Security Bureau has improved the inspection of game and amusement venue locations and machine models; after further providing supplements to the files, the Bureau completed the examination and approval of an entertainment business permit for Guandu District’s first newly established game and amusement venue.


Launching the work of examination and approval, Guandu District has greeted the first newly established game and amusement venue receiving an entertainment business permit and started benefiting from it.


With 198 registered electronic game venues, Guandu District currently has the highest number of such venues among the four urban districts of Kunming City.  In the past three years, the electronic game venues in the District have been in the state of business closure or suspension and most business sites have either transferred or ended their leases.  In accordance to the requirements in Document No. 96, the Public Security Bureau may allow those old licensed venues that have had annual inspections done on time to resume business; as for those venues that have not had annual inspections for a long time or have not operated legally, they shall be required to provide a certificate of property ownership for filing new applications for or altering the examination and approval of their venues.  The next step for Guandu District is to strictly comply with the spirit of the CPC to implement the access procedures for the operation of business sites and machine models.  Those venues that comply with the rules shall be processed as soon as possible while those that fail to comply with the rules shall absolutely not be processed.  The District will gradually complete the transformation and upgrading of electronic game operating entities in the aspects of business site operation and business content and make efforts to foster a more healthy and orderly cultural market.

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