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New products from ACE are Coming! Cool Robot Prize Machine is Eye-catching!

Shelly Liu/Jasmin Zhuang
ACE Amusement Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "ACE Amusement") recently launched four new pieces of equipment, including two 4P water shooting amusement equipment -- "Hero of Steel" and "Hotshots Fire Rescue". The super HD screen will bring players unprecedented water shooting experience! There are also two new prize games -- Robot and Mini Robot Prize, which are funny and challenging!

Robot / Mini Robot

  1. Shinning robot shaped design, 3 colors available, outstanding and eye catching.
  2. Suitable for different locations like FEC, shopping mall, cinema entrance.
  3. Easy control and simple play: push button to control the robot, once it knocks down the rotating ferries wheel’s capsule target, the corresponding capsule drops down.
  4. Reasonable ergonomic design enables players to enjoy the game.


I Position
They are the new ferris wheel play method equipment. With robot theme, quick action and high revenue, they are the must-need prize game in FEC.
II Appearance
Unique robot shape design, high-end quality, and beautiful appearance can not only match the site well, but also has strong visual impact, attracting players to play.
III Prize
The shinning rotating ferris wheel, full loaded with beautiful prizes is eye catching and overwhelmingly attractive. It can display different prizes inside and players can win bigger prizes through collecting those small capsules.
IV Play
With new play method and easy operation, players will be attracted to these challenging games with high repeat play percentage.
V Large Capsule Storage Box
With large capsule storage box at the top of the game, capsules can be refilled automatically, easy for management.

Mini Robot

ACE Amusement Technologies Co., Ltd. is a medium and large sized amusement equipment manufacturer. We’ve been focusing on medium-to-high-end amusement equipment products, and specializing in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service. The products of ACE Amusement include arcade game, redemption machine, crane machine, simulator video game, and small & medium kids park ride machine among others. Relying on independent innovation, ACE Amusement adheres to the principle of “Being serious & rigorous, keeping improving, and offering sincere service”, carries forward the amusement culture, and creates amusement products that bring health and happiness! ACE products are highly appreciated by our customers. So our products are sold in great numbers all over the world, exported to Europe, the U.S., Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other areas.

Hero of Steel / Hotshots Fire Rescue

  1. The first large LCD screen 4P water shooting game in the amusement industry, which creates and leads high popularity in FEC.
  2. With a super large LCD screen (65’’/75’’), 4K HD visual effect and super strong visual impact.
  3. High-end outstanding appearance, attracting the most players to come and play.
  4. With 3D forward moving large scene game software, images appear much more realistic and rich.
  5. For players over 3 years old. Kids and parents can play together.
  6. Built by high quality components, fine workmanship and more durability.
  7. The most popular game in FEC, the best income game in FEC.


I Position
Hero of Steel, Hotshots Fire Rescue are the first large LCD screen 4P water shooting games in the amusement industry. They are one of the FEC essential games, which can create and lead high popularity in FEC. 4 players can play together to compete with each other, or choose single play.
II Screen
Each of the two pieces of equipment is equipped with super large LCD screen (65’’/75’’), which can offer players 4K HD visual effect and super strong visual impact!
III Appearance
High-end outstanding appearance can attract more players to come and play!
With outstanding attractive appearance and fluent interesting game software, players will experience a more exciting game.
IV Scene
With 3D forward moving large scene game software, images appear much more realistic and rich. Large screen provides players with wider visual area and brings players a more realistic joyful experience!
V Player
They are suitable for players over 3 years old. Kids and parents can play together! 4 players can play together to compete with each other, or choose single play.
VI Quality
They are built with high quality components and fine workmanship with more durability. The good quality, durability, and exquisiteness are all in details.


※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No.193 in December 2020

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