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The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will make its debut at GTI Asia China Expo (I)

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is initiated by GTI Asia China Expo and planned by Daqian, undertaking the mission of "to upgrade the modern cultural industry system and build a strong socialist country", and sparing no effort to create the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area integrating culture, entertainment, and technology. Relaying on the depth mission and the ambitious enterprises, based on the link of cultural tourism industry and industry integration as a highlight, The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area promotes the future development of cultural tourism and the industrialization of future concepts. The goal is to promote "industry + creative incubation", "recreation + leisure experience", "cultural tourism + regional diversification", and contribute to the achievement of a smarter, more immersive and richer industrial future.

Since its birth, the Future Concept of Cultural tourism Area has actively integrated new technologies to bring breakthroughs in the industry, created innovative entertainment solutions with Chinese characteristics, and promoted the Chinese intelligent manufacturing of game and amusement on the international stage. It is very creative and futuristic, attracting the attention of provincial tourism associations, municipal tourism bureau, manufacturers from the game and amusement industry and professional buyers. It is an excellent choice for cultural tourism landscapes, science and education museums, farmhouses and large complexes.

In the future, all traditional industries can be preceded by the word "intelligence" or "smart". For example, smart VR hall, smart water park, smart playground, and even smart city, smart China. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will continue to promote the industrial transformation of future concept and sincerely hope to help the game and amusement industry to open up new directions, create new heights, and explore a new future.

A number of cultural tourism industry related companies are contributing to The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area has won the support of many enterprises with a profound mission in the field of game entertainment, including GTI China Amuse, Zhuoyuan, Daqian, Daxin, YouCaiHua, JiXingLeYuan, BoDiLuo (BDL), Zhongyi, Liangjia Sports, Easy Food International, Wali, Creative Made and so on.


Yang Xuyun, the president of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., Ltd.

With the development of technology, cultural tourism has developed a new digital engine, coupled with the strong support of national policies, cultural tourism industry has welcomed the "golden age". Technological innovation and digital empowerment will promote the continuous upgrading of the cultural tourism industry and become the next weather vane. Let us look forward to the efficient linkage of Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area and the deep mutual integration with all friends, to jointly promote the high-quality development of the industry!

Zhuoyuan (short for Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., Ltd.) is an ethical and high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province, and has obtained the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong Science and Technology Award (the first provincial-level prize in the industry), Guangzhou Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise, and Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise.

Equipped with a modern standard production base of 30,000 sq.m and a R&D center of 3,000 sq.m, Zhuoyuan has a powerful productivity and possesses more than 60 experienced technicians from Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and China Telecom. The core technology of Zhuoyuan includes servo-driven dynamic control technology of crank transmission, the sensor technology of human motion detection, AI technology, experience store management and content, and data service platform technology, etc., which have obtained 236 national patents, software copyright and other intellectual property certificates.

With the mission of creating high-quality VR application solutions, Zhuoyuan has taken a deep commitment to the VR industry and offered service to hundreds of famous cultural tourism enterprises like Macrolink, OCT, Golden Tourism, and so on. It has completed hundreds of VR cultural tourism projects in many famous tourist attractions including Macao Science Museum, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Datang Evernight City in Xi’an, as well as the ancient town of TongGuanYao in Changsha, and dozens of VR science projects in national science and technology museums, such as Guangdong Science Center, Hunan Changde Science and Technology Museum, which have also become the main products of the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair of Ministry of Science and Technology of China. For many years, Zhuoyuan has been committed to boosting cultural tourism through technology and constantly creating multi presentations and a better experience for customers. It joins hands with its powerful strategy partners in the cultural tourism industry, and provides excellent cultural tourism VR products as well as customized VR solutions with its own advantages in quality, sales channels and brand influence, to promote the prosperous development of China’s cultural tourism.


Wu Xinxiang, the president of Sim Leisure Far East Co., Ltd. & the general manager of Guangzhou Daxin Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is centered on connecting the cultural tourism industry. Daxin will break the traditional pattern of exhibition, With the help of 3D naked-eye technology to show the planning of the water park, customers can experience the multi-theme change of the water park, so that they can feel the charm and essence of the cultural tourism complex. In the future, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will more accurately position the future direction of cultural tourism development, create a large cultural tourism project integrating culture, entertainment and technology, and contribute to a smarter, richer and more immersive industrial future.

Founded in 2000, Daxin (short for Guangzhou Daxin Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.), belonging to the Daxin Amusement Group, is the first batch of high-tech enterprises in China that has obtained the qualification certificate of manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of large amusement equipment. Its business covers the planning and designing of waterparks as well as theme parks, landscape building, production of waterpark equipment, installation and operation of amusement equipment, and solution providing.

At present, Daxin Amusement Group features six subsidiary corporations and covers an 80,000 square meter production base in Qingyuan city. It is also the leading company to introduce American Five axis NC technology for die manufacturing. Its main products include a water slide series, interactive water town, waving and drifting series, children splashing series, and 100 other amusement facilities. The equipment have obtained more than 20 national patents and 45 special equipment design and manufacturing licenses, and are exported to 30 countries and regions including East Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and South America, to name a few. In 2019, Daxin jointly developed the Guangzhou Sim Leisure Far East Co., Ltd. with Sim Leisure Group listing in Singapore and has created many representative designs like Motiongate in Dubai, LEGO Park in Malaysia and UNIVERSAL in Singapore, showing that Daxin is a professional local solution provider of international theme parks.


Lei Hong, the general manager of Guangzhou YouCaiHua Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is full of the ardent hopes of many cultural tourism industry related companies, and takes on the great responsibility of integrating industries, innovating and upgrading, and changing the future. As a digital pioneer of the amusement industry, YouCaiHua spares no effort and gives its full support. We wish that the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will make a successful debut GTI Asia China Expo.

YouCaiHua is a technology service company integrating the R&D, production, operation of software and hardware. The company provides high-quality “Amusement Plus” service to bring high revenue to its customers. Up to now, YouCaiHua has built its business in the field of tourist attractions, children’s parks, video games, sports, early education and theaters. And it has offered site management solutions to more than 5000 indoor theme parks, 750 commercial real estate projects, 80 real estate companies, and others. Its core products include entertainment Housekeeper management system, You Le Bao management system, member operation management saas systems, gift purchase platform, integral mall, Ying Ke Bao saas management system, device management system, YouCaihua cloud POS machine, smart card swiping terminals, and smart self-service ticketing / coin machines, to name a few.


Liang Zhenxue, the general manager of Guangzhou Liangjia Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is the inevitable trend of connecting the culture and tourism industry. As a broad concept, cultural tourism is the hotspot of "13th Five-Year" period of "cultural tourism promotion project implementation plan" released by the National Development and Reform Commission. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is the integration of performance, entertainment, animation, digital sports, projection interaction, water park and other industries with tourism, which is essential. Since it is indispensable, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area should make a breakthrough on the basis.

Guangzhou Liangjia Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in indoor tennis, baseball, badminton, golf and other simulator high-end equipment research and development, production, and sales. Liangjia Sports is a professional service provider specializing in creative planning, custom design, technology R&D, production and installation of integrated solutions for high-tech themed leisure and entertainment, simulated sports and health industry projects. Liangjia Sports combines cultural creativity with scientific and technological innovation, and introduces advanced ideas and unique creativity into the recreation and leisure sports projects.

The company’s main products: tennis simulator, baseball simulator, football simulator, golf simulator, gateball simulator, skiing simulator, racing simulator, and VR products which are independently developed by Liangjia Sports, such as dynamic 4D seats, VR cinema, VR content production, and VR security, VR public resources, VR sports, VR entertainment, VR high-tech. Inheriting high technology, let us build ourselves in entertainment together.

※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 200 in September 2021

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