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The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will Make Its Debut at GTI Asia China Expo II

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is initiated by GTI Asia China Expo and planned by Daqian, undertaking the mission of "to upgrade the modern cultural industry system and build a strong socialist country", and sparing no effort to create the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area integrating culture, entertainment, and technology. Relaying on the depth mission and the ambitious enterprises, based on the link of cultural tourism industry and industry integration as a highlight, The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area promotes the future development of cultural tourism and the industrialization of future concepts. The goal is to promote "industry + creative incubation", "recreation + leisure experience", "cultural tourism + regional diversification", and contribute to the achievement of a smarter, more immersive and richer industrial future.

Since its birth, the Future Concept of Cultural tourism Area has actively integrated new technologies to bring breakthroughs in the industry, created innovative entertainment solutions with Chinese characteristics, and promoted the Chinese intelligent manufacturing of game and amusement on the international stage. It is very creative and futuristic, attracting the attention of provincial tourism associations, municipal tourism bureau, manufacturers from the game and amusement industry and professional buyers. It is an excellent choice for cultural tourism landscapes, science and education museums, farmhouses and large complexes.

In the future, all traditional industries can be preceded by the word "intelligence" or "smart". For example, smart VR hall, smart water park, smart playground, and even smart city, smart China. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will continue to promote the industrial transformation of future concept and sincerely hope to help the game and amusement industry to open up new directions, create new heights, and explore a new future.

A number of cultural tourism industry related companies are contributing to The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area has won the support of many enterprises with a profound mission in the field of game entertainment, including GTI China Amuse, Zhuoyuan, Daqian, Daxin, YouCaiHua, JiXingLeYuan, BoDiLuo (BDL), Zhongyi, Liangjia Sports, Easy Food International, Wali, Creative Made and so on.

The boosters of the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area boasts many years of industry experience, focusing on exploring and integrating technologies and games and amusement industry. It assists the amusement park equipment, video games, water park equipment, children's amusement equipment, and VR/AR/MR to connect with the cultural tourism industry, to create wisdom cultural tourism complexes, contributing to build a country with the most cultural influence.

Sun Yibing, the General Manager Guangzhou Daqian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

With the implementation of the 14th five-year plan for the development of cultural tourism sectors, the cultural tourism sector will become the pillar industry for the overall development of the national economy. A strong cultural tourism country or a strong cultural tourism city will surely become a powerful boost to promote economic development, strengthen people's livelihood, improve national happiness levels, and stimulate internal economic circulation. Under such a general background, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area came into being.

The current cultural tourism industry market is full of products, funds, brands, and IPs, buts lack new concepts and new models. It is necessary to create an influential and leading future concept to lead the cultural tourism industry, and the future of enterprises. The setup of the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area comes from the future concept of the industry and goes to the future of its enterprises. In order to guide customers in how to invest, operate, generate income, and lead cultural tourism companies to innovate and develop, we not only need product innovation, but also conceptual innovation. We need a comprehensive and reasonable plan, to maximize investment benefits, promote the rapid enterprise development, and offer a clearer and simpler ideas for operations. That is the goal of the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area.

Founded in 2005, Daqian (short for Daqian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.), located next to Startoon City, Panyu, Guangzhou, is one of the earliest environmental art companies in China that focuses on the planning, designing and construction of children’s indoor/outdoor theme parks, cultural tourism complex, anime amusement parks, rural scenery, theme malls, and sculpture arts, to name a few. Over many years, the company has been awarded the “High Technology Expertise” and the “Panyu District Private Enterprises Top 100 Brands in 2017”.

Daqian has been committed to providing professional designs, excellent craft and completed solutions to their customers at home and abroad. For many years of development, it has also gathered rich experience in designing and construction that helps it to keep the leading position in the industry all the time. Moreover, the company also features the professional design team, advanced manufacturing processes, high-tech research team, FRP production team, and some supporting factories like hardware lighting factory, acrylic plastic lamp box factory, park operation & management company, amusement equipment company as well as the brand service company. It has undertaken numerous decoration service for children’s theme parks and landscape building around the world, and offered supporting service to some top enterprises like Disneyland, Chimelong, and Fantawild, as well as completed solutions to some famous amusement brands like OCT, Lesney, Wanda Kids, and so on. With its quality service and products, Daqian stands out in the competitive market; shows its unique value of art decoration; and wins lots of admiration from investors and customers.

Lu Jian, the General Manager of Guangzhou Wali Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will be unveiled at the GTI Asia China Expo 2021. It takes the road of innovation, creates a new river of cultural tourism experience, takes the forefront of amusement, and leads the industry. It will become the highlight of every city. It is our responsibility to go steady, reach far, and create a bright future to engage in the cultural tourism and amusement industry!

Founded on 8th April, 2014, Guangzhou Wali Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research & development, production, installation, delivery, service and sales set in one-scale enterprise. We mainly provide indoor and outdoor amusement equipment, including children park, Starry Star Hall, Magic Mirror Maze, Transparent House, super trampoline, children/adult rock climbing, Jungle trekking, dry ski & slide skiing.

Owning products that are designed and R&D independently, Wali has strong competitiveness. And, with strong technical force and professional team, as well as perfect management system, we constantly strengthen our quality awareness, pays attention to the improvement of quality and technology, to better serve customers. All the products are safe and interactive by keeping learning advanced technology. Wali adheres to the service mission of serving customers by heart, and providing customers a one-stop service. We have won a good reputation from our customers. If you choose Wali, we will let you feel relieved!

Wei Baimei, Founder / General Manager of Guangzhou BoDiLuo (BDL) Investment Development Co., Ltd.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is well-developed, relying on the respective advantages of companies with in-depth missions and future ambitions, based on industrial integration, to create futuristic creative solutions, and promote the sound development of the modern cultural industry system. It truly achieves "industry + creative incubation, "amusement + leisure experience", and "cultural tourism + global diversification", and accelerates the transformation of traditional amusement parks into smart cultural tourism complexes. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will be unveiled at GTI Asia China Expo. It surely will be splendid and all-embracing.

BoDiLuo is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the integration and application of game, entertainment, and VR industries. We focus on patriotic education theme halls, sports stadiums, FECs, and children’s amusement parks. We are committed to the integration of resources in the VR+ experience hall industry, providing projects for customers to achieve their profit goals, and offering sustainable development and successful business model services.

Its strategic franchise brand partners include Hylaeion, XingGuangMao, Muyan Bookstore, KiKi Game Club, Luoke Park, XingLiPai, and Funland.

Independent R&D of hot products:

1. Sports hall products: 10-meter air rifle (new), 270 degree wireless gun (new).

2. Video game gun battle zone products: Patillo Agent (new), Sniper Elite (2nd generation), Shooting King (2nd generation of Fashion Version), Ferris Wheel real ball shooting gift machine, Royal Hunting Ground (new), and VR Space-Time Warrior (new) .

3. Redemption machines with screens: Animal Fantasia (new) and Mecha Devil City.

Zhou Xiaojun, the General Manager of Guangzhou JiXingLeYuan Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will set a precedent in the future concept of electronic amusement equipment, cultural tourism sector and leisure and entertainment sector, which is a great event for the industry. Times are changing and society is developing. There is no future without exploration. I hope that the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area can cater to the market, enrich social and cultural needs, and bring new opportunities and hopes for the development of the industry!

JiXingBao is not only a comprehensive company that concentrates on R&D, producing and selling gift machines and crane machines, but also an agent of Taiwan Paokai, Korea Komi Wuzi, FURYU in Mainland China. Various types of gift machines and crane machines are listed as the top products in the world. In May 2018, JiXingBao won the title of The Only Company fulfilling the National Technical Group Standard in Crane Industry. Since its establishment 10 years ago, Jixingbao has been adhering to the tenet of "honest management, customer first, excellent quality, quality assurance", and aiming at "continuous innovation, leading the market, pursuing excellence and creating a better future", to improve itself constantly. At present, it has won a good praise in the market.

Why is JiXingBao’s second-hand gift machine which has been used for three years still a hot product in the market? Even more expensive than some brand new gift machines from some domestic manufacturers? What is the charm of JiXingBao’s gift machine? The exterior? Is it really because of its beautiful appearance? Experts very clearly gave us the answers. The core of the gift machine is accuracy, which can accurately run for 48 hours consecutively. In 2019, JiXingBao was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise" in Guangdong Province, and went further on the road of producing more sophisticated gift machines.

Guo Fenghao, the representative of Creative Made Co., Ltd.

GTI Asia China Expo’s 12 years’ exploration shows its ambitions! GTI Asia China Expo will develop China's game and amusement industry, and combine its own comprehensiveness, diversification, development, and internationality to build a bridge connecting the amusement and amusement markets at home and abroad, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win for domestic and foreign buyers!

Creative Made Co., Ltd. is engaged in building scenes of indoor EPP building park and making DIY building blocks for children's preschool education. Integrating with research and development, design, manufacturing and sales, Creative Made has the right of import and export, as well as the system of e-business. Our products are made of new materials with good quality. Under the purpose of eco-friendly, healthy and safe, we are strict with product quality, and have applied for a number of national patents and national safety certification and CCC certification.

Performance and Application

EPP features light weight, good resilience, quakeproof and compression resistance, high deformation recovery rate, good absorption performance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to various chemical solvents, nonabsorbent, insulation, heat resistance (-40~130C) and flame retardant, no Toxins and odorless. EPP is 100% recyclable and almost no degradation in performance, which is a truly environmentally friendly foamed plastic. EPP has been widely used in the packaging industry, such as aviation, automobiles, electronic products, medical equipment, especially in the packaging of export products. EPP has become an irreplaceable packaging material in response to environmental requirements. Because of its non-toxicity and high temperature resistance, it is also widely used in food packaging and microwave heating.

Zhang Qingchun, the general manager of Hunan Zhongyi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will make its debut at GTI Asia China Expo, which is different from traditional amusement parks. It integrates with technology and penetrates new ones. In the future, it will be an inevitable trend for the game and amusement industry to connect with the cultural tourism industry. In the future, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Areas will be likely to appear in cultural tourism landscapes, sports museums, science and education museums, farmhouses, and large complexes, etc.

Hunan Zhongyi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive children's amusement high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales, franchisee of children's amusement equipment. At present, our business covers many countries and regions around the world. To offer a better service for customers from all over the country, Zhongyi has settled our headquarters in Changsha, and branches in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Kunming, Hefei, Nanning and Chengdu. What’s more, our international trade extends to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, and other countries and regions.

With experienced designers, engineers, technicians, and other professional development teams, Zhongyi adheres to the concept of “innovation, development”, and has obtained several invention patent certificates. Relying on the increasing innovation ability in development, flexible and outstanding customization ability, and ever-improving delivery performance, Zhongyi has won the trust and cooperation of its global customers. At present, we have become the leading enterprise in the industry. In addition, Zhongyi participated in the compilation of China's "Indoor Children’s Soft Amusement Equipment Safety Technical Specifications". Due to our increasingly significant industry influence, CCTV Discovery Tour "Quality" and Hunan Economic TELEVISION station publicized the experience and achievements of Zhongyi.

As an outstanding industrial company, Zhongyi provides services for lots of national famous shopping malls, amusement enterprises, real estate companies, and chain amusement parks. In the future, Zhongyi will continue to be committed to leading the innovative development of the amusement industry and responding to the novel challenges of the global amusement industry.

※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 201 in October 2021

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