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Yishui LanXiangBu Forest Hot Spring Park project starts

The groundbreaking ceremony of LanXiangBu Forest Hot Spring Park project in Yishui, Shandong province has been held on October 29, 2021, which means there will soon be a new cultural and tourism landmark of Yishui County. Covering an area of 333,333 sq.m, the project is built by Guangdong Zhongji Rongfeng Investment Co., Ltd. with an investment of US$24 million. Relying on the forest resource and geographical advantage of Yihe tree farm, the park comprises two phases, the LanXiangBu Forest Hot Spring Park in the south and Xiewu Popular Science Research Base in the north. With the theme of plants popularization and research, children’s non-power park, and pets paradise, the project is to make full use of the forest area, supplement the planting of colorful tree species, native tree species as well as tropical tree species to improve the greening effect of the park, and build a education and research base integrating plant science education, parent-child amusement, funny exploration, intellectual development and physical exercise. (2021/12, 203G)

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