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Seek the Potential, Assist with Innovation and Surpass the Future

Seek the Potential, Assist with Innovation and Surpass the Future

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area Successfully Concluded

On November 3, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area was unveiled at the 13th GTI Asia China Expo. It aimed to build a bridge between the game and amusement sector and the cultural tourism industry based on the goal of dual circulation, deepen the implementation of cultural, fashion, and social missions, and upgrade the cultural tourism industry, so that we can be more competitive, integrated, and extend in to the future.

At the meeting, Sun Yibin, general manager of Guangzhou Daqian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., delivered an important speech, "With the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for Cultural Tourism Development, the cultural tourism industry will become essential for the overall development of the national economy and economic development, strengthen the construction of people's livelihood, improve the happiness index of the people, and drive the internal circulation of the economy. The current cultural tourism market needs to create an influential future concept to lead the cultural tourism industry and the market! We not only need innovative products, but also innovative concepts, so as to lead customers to invest, operate and generate income, maximize their investment interests, and promote cultural and tourism enterprises to innovate and develop products. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area gathered a good many major game and amusement manufacturers, and called for a number of industry peers to forge ahead into the future. Moreover, it will deepen the implementation of cultural tourism and social mission, make innovative amusement solutions suitable for Chinese characteristics, and promote the intelligent manufacturing of China game and amusement to the international stage.”

Later, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area held a grand "Fame Gathering • Collaborative Innovation 2021" award ceremony, and invited Sun Yibin, general manager of Guangzhou Daqian Decoration Engineering Co., LTD., and Thomas Liu, President of GTI as award guests to attend the meeting. A number of representatives received the awards, such as Jack Chang, general manager of GTI, Yang Lianxia, the director of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., Ltd., Wu Xinxiang, the president of Sim Leisure Far East Co., Ltd. & the general manager of Guangzhou Daxin Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd., Lei Hong, the general manager of Guangzhou YouCaiHua Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Xiaojun, the General Manager of Guangzhou JiXingLeYuan Animation Technology Co., Ltd., Wei Baimei, Founder / General Manager of Guangzhou BoDiLuo (BDL) Investment Development Co., Ltd., Liang Zhenxue, the general manager of Guangzhou Liangjia Sports Technology Co., Ltd., Zeng Weibo, Product Director of Guangzhou Banxian Technology Co., Ltd., Lu Jian, the General Manager of Guangzhou Wali Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., Guo Fenghao, the representative of Creative Made Co., Ltd., Zhang Guoqiang, the general manager of Hunan Zhongyi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., Xie Yulian, Guangzhou Jeudao Household Appliances Co., Ltd., Li Jun, manager of Guangzhou Apple Tree Animation Technology Co., Ltd., Song Ping, the general manager of Shenzhen Yster Optoeletronic Co., Ltd., Guo Weiliang, the general manager of Guangzhou Huipu Stage Effect Equipment Co., Ltd., the representative of Guangzhou Changying Electronic Co., Ltd., the representative of Z&Q Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., and Zhou Ting, the general manager of Guangzhou Tongshen Culture Media Co., Ltd. They won the title of "Core Enterprise of the Future Cultural Tourism Industry Platform", jointly exploring the new height of the cultural tourism industry.

The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area was presented over the three days of GTI Asia China Expo, stretching an area of 1000+ sq.m. It gathered together many entrepreneurs with a sense of social mission and future ambitions. The scope of the exhibition included VR&AR, water parks, children's theme parks, puzzles and crafts, games and amusement facilities, building block parks, digital sports, outward bound and climbing, water bar and catering areas and other cultural tourism subdivisions, covering 60% of the cultural tourism industry, comprehensively boosting the transformation, upgrading the cultural tourism industry and providing inspiration and direction for the future development of the industry.

Initiated by GTI Organizing Committee and planned by Daqian Art, the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area carried the original intention of many cultural tourism companies - "to make a little effort to improve the modern cultural industry system and build a strong socialist country", striving to create a new business incubation project that integrates culture, entertainment, and technology. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area closely relies on the advantages of various supporting companies, taking the cultural tourism industry link as the keynote, and industrial integration to form an excellent core integration as the highlight. It is committed to "industry futurization, future industrialization", and comprehensively promoting the benign and rapid development of the game and amusement industry. The goal was to promote "industry + creative incubation", "recreation + leisure experience", "cultural tourism + regional diversification", and contribute to the achievement of a smarter, more immersive and richer industrial future.

Since the birth of Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area project, it has actively integrated and penetrated new technologies, brought breakthroughs in the industry, created innovative amusement solutions with Chinese characteristics, and promoted the "intelligence manufacturing" of Chinese game and amusement equipment on the international stage. It is extremely creative and futuristic, and has attracted the attention of provincial tourism associations, municipal tourism bureaus, game and amusement manufacturers and professional buyers. It is an excellent choice for cultural tourism complexes, amusement parks, popular science exhibition halls, museums, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, venues, parent-child puzzle parks, and health care bases.

Famous enterprises gathered at the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area which looks set to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength

The people's yearning for a better life provides a source for the development of the cultural tourism industry, and also expands a broad space for the development of the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area. At the same time, it also puts forward quality requirements for the games and amusement industry. It provides the entire planning process along with quality products from high-tech craftsmen for cultural tourism landscape, theme parks, chain hotels and museums, indoor and outdoor chain parks, sports venues and large complexes, showing the charm of Chinese amusement brand and conveying the spirit of craftsmanship to every operator and even every tourist.

The future is the extension of the present, featuring further improvement of technology and operation. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area 2021 is launched by GTI Organizing Committee, and attended by China Amuse, Daqian, Zhuoyuan, Daxin, YouCaiHua, JiXingLeYuan, BoDiLuo (BDL), Zhongyi, Liangjia, Easy Food International, Wali, Creative Made, Minsen/ Jiudao, Apple Tree, and YueSiTe, to name a few. It will give rise to warm responses, and be launched again at the 14th GTI Asia China Expo. It can inspire buyers to generate unrealized or unintended needs, to meet with new future concept technologies and new amusement equipment.

From the perspective of tourist experience research, venue operation requirements and future development, the famous enterprises at the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area exhibited VR cinema, VR Spacecraft, ten-meter shooting competition, the King of Guns, Star Cabin, Mars Station, the Space Station, Moon Station, indoor smart simulated baseball, indoor smart simulated tennis, indoor smart simulated badminton, self-service ticket vending machine V6, vertical ticket inspection machine V8, outdoor swipe pile V8, indoor smart simulated archery, indoor smart simulated golf, indoor smart simulated table tennis, Star Wars gate, outdoor tripod turnstile, carousel, climbing wall, rope course, indoor water rafting, carbines, trampolines, slides, ball pools, EPP building block park, penumbra water park equipment and other facilities, themed amusement area, parent-child interaction area, and Internet famous projects. It attracted more than 100,000 industry peers.

Co-prosperity to upgrade the entire industry chain of cultural tourism

The 13th GTI Asia China Expo was committed to providing one-stop services for professional buyers in various sectors and cultural tourism project operators throughout the industry. It called on more than 600 companies to create an unprecedentedly strong exhibitor lineup and fully present the best facilities and the latest development trend of the industry. It became an exhibition and trade platform integrating professionalism, diversification and internationality.

As a large-scale trade show of game, amusement and cultural tourism products that attracts much attention in Asia, GTI Asia China Expo has been successfully held for 13 editions, by taking children's amusement equipment, amusement park facilities, water park equipment, video games, VR/AR/MR as the core, and has become an annual influential game and amusement event in China.

In the future, all traditional industries can be preceded by the word "intelligence" or "smart". For example, smart VR hall, smart water park, smart playground, and even smart city, smart China. The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area will continue to promote the industrial transformation of future concept and sincerely hope to help the game and amusement industry to open up new directions, create new heights, and explore a new future.

※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 203 in December 2021

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