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New Laws
Shanghai’s Three-Year Action Plan (2013-2015) for Speeding Up the Animation Industry’s Development

Shanghai City announced on August 11 the “Three-Year Action Plan (2013-2015) of Shanghai for Speeding Up the Animation Industry’s Development”.  The city will aggressively facilitate the establishment of the animation industry chain containing original content creation, marketing and derivative licensing in the next three years, and will do its best to make the core production value of Shanghai’s animation industry exceed RMB$10 billion by 2015.

Focused on the objective of building two major centers for the animation industry, Shanghai City will insist on three new routes including internalization, branding and technology innovation.  The city plans to launch 3 to 4 animation masterpieces featuring “Chinese elements, international production and overseas marketing” by 2015; incubate 5 to 10 large-scale animation enterprise brands with core competencies; and cultivate 10 to 20 animation product brands with strong influence and good reputation in domestic and overseas markets.

Shanghai City will emphatically facilitate the implementation of four projects during the period of 2013 to 2015: the animation industry entity cultivation project, the original excellent animation product incubation project, the animation ecological environment construction project, and the animation talent cultivation and enhancement project.  At the same time, Shanghai City will put stress on the implementation of five protective measures: the first is perfecting the animation industry support policies, the second is performing the guiding function of special funds, the third is performing the leverage function of tax policies, the fourth is perfecting the funding policy system, and the fifth is enlarging the protection of intellectual property rights.

Attachment: The “Three-Year Action Plan (2013-2015) of Shanghai for Speeding Up the Animation Industry’s Development” (Summary)

I. Guiding ideology, fundamental ideas and main objectives

(III) Main objectives

Based on the “National Animation Industry Development Plan During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period” and the “Plan for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries in Shanghai During the ‘12th Five-Year’”, Shanghai will utilize the final three years of the “12th Five-Year” period to greatly promote structural optimization, transformation and upgrade of Shanghai’s animation industry, build branded enterprises and implement branding projects for Shanghai’s animation industry, enhance the Shanghai animation industry’s comparative advantage and overall capabilities, and endeavor to achieve the following objectives by the end of the “12th Five-Year”:

1. Scope of 10 billion dollars: Aggressively promoting the construction of the animation industry chain containing original content creation, marketing and derivative licensing, letting all segments of the industry chain accomplish full development, making animation enterprises of all categories achieve fast growth and incessantly generate excellent animation products, and endeavoring to make the Shanghai animation industry’s core production value top the scope of RMB$10 billion by 2015.

2. Two major centers: Standing on Shanghai’s urban development positioning, meeting the requirements of innovation-driven and transformative development, focusing on the high valued-added segments, and building Shanghai into the creative center and trade center of China’ animation industry.

(1) Creative center: Aggressively creating a good environment that can facilitate the clustering of creativity and emergence of talents, focusing on improving the industry’s animation creativity incubation mechanism, putting great efforts into cultivating 5 to 10 international-class innovative animation enterprises and young production teams by 2015, establishing an excellent animation creativity resource reserve pool and industry transformation platforms, and making the number of excellent original animation products of Shanghai continually grow.

(2) Trade Center: Fully utilizing the resources and advantages of Shanghai in the financial, capital, talent and fundamental service aspects for being an international metropolis, doing its best to turn Shanghai into the copyright trade center and the market promotion center of excellent domestic and international excellent animation products, turning Shanghai into the release, broadcast debut and premiere center of excellent domestic and international animation works, and building the largest animation consumption market in China.

3. Three routes: Starting out with the objective of building Shanghai into an international cultural metropolis, focusing on the objective of constructing the two major centers of the animation industry, and aggressively pushing the Shanghai animation industry to get on the routes of internationalization, branding and technology innovation.

(1) Internationalization: Taking advantage of the opportunity that major foreign animation industry projects are taking place in Shanghai, guiding local animation enterprises to establish international perspectives and launch international cooperation, releasing 3 to 4 animation masterpieces featuring “Chinese elements, international production and overseas marketing” by 2015, making more excellent animation products created and manufactured by Shanghai enter the foreign mainstream animation market, and obtaining important awards in the world’s famous animation fairs and exhibitions.

(2) Branding: Implementing the plan for the establishment and protection of Shanghai’s original animation brands, guiding animation enterprises in Shanghai to strengthen the awareness of brand development, putting great efforts into cultivating 5 to 10 large-scale animation enterprise brands with core competencies by 2015, cultivating 10 to 20 animation product brands with strong influence and good reputation in domestic and overseas markets, and creating branded services in the aspects of animation product marketing and derivative licensing.

(3) Technology innovation: Using the implementation of the “Three-Year Action Plan of Shanghai for Facilitating the Fusion and Development of Culture and Technology” as a turning point, aggressively promoting deep cooperation between animation enterprises and schools of higher education and science research institutes, developing core patents and technologies with independent intellectual property rights, making the animation industry of Shanghai hold leading advantages in new technology industrialization and application and in overall technical equipment production, and establishing a complete supportive system and sharing mechanism for animation public technical services.

II. Key missions

Emphatically facilitating the implementation of four projects during the period from 2013 to 2015 in accordance with the above mentioned objectives: the animation industry entity cultivation project, the excellent original animation product incubation project, the animation ecological environment construction project, and the animation talent cultivation and enhancement project.

(I) Animation industry entity cultivation project

Implementing the strategy of backbone enterprises and major projects, boosting simultaneous development of small and medium animation enterprises, animation industry associations, and social groups and organizations, encouraging social power to engage in the animation industry’s development in multiple forms, and forming the Shanghai animation industry’s core power featuring more levels and more energy.

1. Enriching the structure of industry entities.  Supporting all kinds of entrepreneurship practices and doubling the number of animation enterprises, social groups and organizations, and innovation teams in the field of animation industry; further opening up to foreign investment on the basis of current private capital and introducing famous animation production enterprises from overseas, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions; encouraging numerous young animation lovers to engage in the animation industry’s development through informal employment; supporting all types of development ranging from animation creativity to derivative licensing, and making deployment and cultivating a group of qualified market entities in all segments of the industry chain.

2. Cultivating animation backbone enterprises.  Emphatically cultivate backbone animation enterprises that possess original brand resources, high-end production capabilities and market operation capabilities, starting with policy support, brand promotion, intellectual property right protection and overseas consolidated promotion, endeavoring to increase backbone animation enterprises’ publicity and influence in domestic and overseas markets, and forming a group of animation enterprises above designated size.

3. Mobilizing the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.  Relying on the clustering platforms of cultural and creative industry parks and bases to provide micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with relatively stable room for development, and assisting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to gradually become strong and large through such approaches as clustering of enterprises in industrial parks, industry fusion, project incubation, and tax support.

(II) Excellent original animation product incubation project

Insisting on the development concept of “content is king and innovation is the foundation”, encouraging animation enterprises and innovation teams to utilize international perspectives and Chinese inner core, creating excellent original animation products with higher artistic levels and stronger dissemination capabilities, promoting excellent national cultures of China, and presenting the contemporary charm of Chinese animation.

1. Strengthen the power of animation innovation.  Relying on animation industry associations, schools of higher education, animation enterprises and professional organizations, and establishing the clustering zones and display platforms for massive emergence of creative teams, creative talent and creative projects.  Implementing nursery plans in schools and industrial parks and giving support to excellent young creative animation teams for starting business ventures; regularly organizing animation creativity contests that are open to society and accelerating conversion of excellent creativity into products; utilizing new media such as the internet, mobile networks and micro blogs, establishing an open and interactive excellent animation creativity reserve pool, and letting every citizen fond of comics become the power of animation innovation.

2. Implement the excellent product incubation plan.  Supporting deep cooperation between backbone animation games of Shanghai and famous international animation enterprises situated in Shanghai, and releasing 1 to 2 large-scale animation works featuring Chinese elements, international production and overseas distribution.  Implementing excellent animation projects, and selecting and emphatically polishing 5 to 10 excellent animation projects each year.  Relying on the national technical committee of standardization for the animation and game industry situated in Shanghai and industry associations to guide animation enterprises of Shanghai in international benchmarking and optimization of production procedures.  Encouraging animation enterprises to cooperate with schools of higher education for launching the development of 3D animated picture production and for developing cloud rendering technology platforms and remote paperless manufacturing systems, and forming technical advantages in production of excellent animation works.

(III) Animation ecological environment construction project

Insisting on the combination of promotion by government, control by enterprises and market operation, insisting on the municipality and district integrated mobilization and coordination between departments, and endeavoring to create a good ecological environment for the development of the animation industry.

1. Cultivate qualified industry organizations.

Fully performing the functions of animation industry associations in Shanghai including the functions of industry representation, industry services, industry coordination and industry self-discipline, establishing integrated service platforms for policy consultation, statistical analysis of data, training and instruction, standard establishment, resource consolidation, and foreign communication and exchange, and providing the fastest and most direct industry guiding services.

2. Strengthen functions of parks and bases.

Relying on industrial parks and bases such as the national animation and game industry promotion base, Zhangjiang Animation Valley, Baoshan Animation Derivative Industry Park, Universal Software Park in Putuo, Xuhui Digital Media Entertainment Center and Changning Multimedia Industry Park, introducing development resources such as financial capital, and strengthening the clustering, incubating and service functions of industrial parks and bases.

3. Perfect public service platforms.

Relying on such resources as the animation public technical service platform of Shanghai, the digital document conversion service platform of Zhangjiang Core Park, the multimedia high-definition production center of the Zizhu High and New Technology Development Zone, the online audio and video cloud computing center, the 3D animation engineering technology center of Zhabei Park, the paperless design and technology service platform of Yangpu Park and the cloud rendering technology service platform, and providing excellent-quality and low-priced professional technical services for animation enterprises, especially micro, small and medium-sized animation enterprises.

4. Constitute three-dimensional broadcasting systems.

Relying on traditional media including radio, television and newspapers, introducing new media platforms like the internet and mobile networks, forming communication systems featuring multi-dimensional and diverse collective dissemination and promotion, and further expanding the influence of animation enterprises and brands of Shanghai.

5. Build the animation trading market.

Building the CCG Expo (China International Comics and Games Expo) into Asia’s top-tier and the world’s animation industry exhibition brand, and providing platforms for promoting exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign animation industries.  Relying on the Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange and various types and various levels of culture assets and equity exchanges, promoting trade of animation product copyrights, and promoting trade of all types of animation production-related market elements.

(IV) Animation talent cultivation and enhancement project

Implementing the culture-education integration strategy, taking advantage of existing resources of schools of higher education, and famous domestic and foreign animation enterprises and professional organizations, establishing the talent training system that covers schools of high education, vocational education and enterprise training, and providing talent reserve and support for the development of Shanghai’s animation industry.

1. Improve the diploma and education systems.

Relying on industry associations and schools of higher education to establish cooperation platforms, using demand as a guide, strengthening the establishment of internationally benchmarked professional standards for comics, animation and digital media arts, strengthening the development of standardized animation courses and teaching materials, emphasizing on the cultivation of high-end creativity and integrated operation managerial talents, and solving the talent shortage issue in the development of Shanghai’s animation industry.

2. Explore Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.

Introducing joint education organized by famous foreign educational institutions such as the School of Cinematic Arts in the University of Southern California and the Vancouver Film School together with local schools of higher education, introducing sophisticated foreign course designs and teachers, and utilizing new technologies and new concepts to enhance the levels of animation professionals in Shanghai.

3. Set up animation master studios.

Supporting schools of higher education, industrial parks and professional educational institutions, inviting famous domestic and overseas animation masters to set up animation studios, opening short-term master training classes, conducting face-to-face teaching for high-end professionals in Shanghai, and providing professional instruction on product creation for famous local animation enterprises.

4. Establish enterprise-training bases.

Using the animation industry’s needs as a guide to facilitate the cooperation between schools of higher education and famous animation enterprises to jointly establish off-school practice education bases for college students with a major in animation discipline, placing off-school practice in curriculum design for simultaneous facilitation, and increasing practicability and applicability of animation talent cultivation.

III. Protective measures

To complete the above mentioned objectives and facilitate good and fast development of the animation industry during the “12th Five-Year” period, Shanghai will lay emphasis on the implementation of the following five protective measures:

(I) Complete the animation industry support policies.

Further strengthening the establishment of the inter-bureau joint conference system of Shanghai for the development and support of the animation industry, integrating the effective resources of the municipality and district levels, and the effective resources of cultural departments, finance departments, taxation departments, education commissions, industry and commerce departments, science commissions, finance and informatization commissions, and cultural and creative industry promotion offices, jointly researching and establishing supportive policies for speeding up the animation industry’s development, and forming a nice development pattern that feature municipality and district integrated mobilization, collaboration between departments, and joining forces for facilitation.

(II) Perform the guiding function of special funds.

Continuously performing the guiding function of special funds including the Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industries Support Fund, the Shanghai Modern Service Industry Development Guiding Fund and the Shanghai Municipal Animation Game Industry Development Support Fund, expanding focus on key subjects, giving key support to the animation enterprises and animation products that feature stronger innovation capabilities, famous brand images and successful profit-making models, and giving key support to the cultivation of high-end animation professionals, the development of core and key technologies, and the animation “Go Out”.

(III) Perform the leverage function of tax policies.

Continuously implementing the “’Methods for the Administration of Animation Enterprise Recognition (for Trial Implementation), duly performing the work of recognizing animation enterprises, key animation enterprises and key animation products, and meeting with and coordinating related departments of districts, counties and industrial parks.  Duly carrying out the nation’s various tax policies related to animation enterprises, taking advantage of the opportunity that Shanghai launches the experimental free trade zone and expands the “replacement of business tax with value-added tax”, deeply researching the experimental projects that conform to the characteristics of the animation industry development, and letting animation enterprises reach sustainable development with the support of preferential tax policies.

 (IV) Perfect the funding policy system.

Encouraging and guiding all types of cultural industry investment funds and small and medium-sized enterprise venture capital funds to enlarge investment in the animation industry, and encouraging large enterprises with solid capabilities to enter the animation industry through such methods as equity participation, equity holding or acquisition.  Guiding social capital to invest in the animation industry via multiple forms, participate in the development, creation and production of animation products of all types and take part in the execution of major projects.  Propelling policy banks to provide financial support to the qualified animation enterprises.  Including the qualified animation enterprises within the subsidized coverage of related policy funds.  Supporting animation enterprises to go public for funding.

(V) Enlarge the protection of intellectual property rights.

Relying on the inter-bureau joint conference system of Shanghai for the development and support of the animation industry, increasing the awareness of protection of animation enterprises’ and individuals’ intellectual property rights, encouraging authors to register copyrights of animation products and images and register trademarks, and enlarging the protection of intellectual property rights of Shanghai’s original animation images, brands and derivative products.  Protecting excellent national animation brands, regulating the order of intellectual property right trading, reinforcing monitoring and control of the animation market, strengthening the protection of famous excellent animation products and the protection of digital copyrights, launching special rectification campaigns in the animation market, strictly investigating and punishing acts of animation intellectual property right infringement, establishing fair competition order in the market, and creating a good market environment.

※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 121 in November, 2013.

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