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Annual Product of Taiwan’s YuanMei Co., Ltd.-Rainbow Pony
Annual Product of Taiwan’s YuanMei Co., Ltd.-Rainbow Pony
Delicate Quality, Classic Symbolizing New Product
Jim ke/Adam
Founded from pinball machines, Taiwan’s YuanMei Co., Ltd. runs business across the Kiddie Rides field, exhibiting “Rainbow Pony” in GTI Taipei Expo this year. It fully drew domestic and overseas buyers’ attention because of its adorable appearance and interesting content. In addition to “Rainbow Pony”, new Pinball Machine “Loteria Pinball 567” and “Steel Ball Man 7S” which has been sold for some period, Mario Machine “Fruit King Mario” and cabinet product “Carbon Slot Machine” were also highly inquired in the exhibition.
Taiwan’s YuanMei Co., Ltd. runs business across Kiddie Rides field

Founded in 1986, Taiwan YuanMei Co., Ltd. started their business from production of Pinball Machine cabinet and relevant equipment. It changed its main business into research, production, import and export. With consideration of the rapidly developing software techniques, YuanMei has established researching and developing department since 2003 and focused on the concept design and vision raising of Pinball Machine.
In recent years, YuanMei even pays effort in developing and designing of vending machines, crane machines, kiddie rides, and relevant products, extending more diverse product fields. Furthermore, YuanMei displayed their latest product, Kiddie Rides “Rainbow Pony” in GTI Taipei Expo this year, and attracted much attention from domestic and overseas buyers.

Taiwan’s YuanMei produces
Kiddie Ride “Rainbow Pony”.

Modified version of
brilliant “Loteria
Pinball 567”.

Well sold Pinball
Machine “Steel Ball
Man 7S”.

Mario Slot “Fruit
King Mario”owns
complete functions.

The quality of cabinet product “Carbon Slot Machine” is excellent.

Adorable appearance, interesting content

Exclusively designed for kids, “Rainbow Pony” is equipped with high resolution 15” LED screen. With colorful and brilliant appearance, showing warm color, in addition to adorable and healing design, Rainbow Pony really draws attention. The content even designs various theme interactive scenes.
There are Chinese and English version of “Rainbow Pony”. Players can select character and then choose scene after entering the game. After inserting the coin, kid player is able to manipulate the pony in the screen with the equipped rope on the ride and turn left, right, accelerate, jump, and so on. The color also changes after the music and pony start to play and move. It’s quite interesting!

Various kinds of products, made in Taiwan with high class

In addition to new products, YuanMei’s shows “Loteria Pinball 567” for their symbolic Pinball Machine. It is equipped with huge and brilliant 28mm LED light. It can arouse players’ interest by its external design. Players can buy six to seven balls after playing five balls. Each game can play big lottery prize. You can get “Interesting big lottery prize” once there are six numbers corresponding correctly and simultaneously. If four central footballs correspond correctly at the same time, you will be rewarded the “Eastern Pearl” prize! What’s more, there are “Ball number one prize” and “Lucky roulette connection prize”. It won’t be uninteresting during the process of the game! The motherboard and integrated circuit of “Loteria Pinball 567” are embedded inside the cabinet so it can prevent from knocking and consequently damaging the program of the mainframe. It can also stop from cabinet cheating, largely lowering the breakdown possibility of the cabinet.
Additionally, YuanMei’s new products are much anticipated and the products they produced from last year are still well sold until now. These products include Pinball Machine “Steel Ball Man 7S”, “Fruit King Mario”, and cabinet product “Carbon Slot Machine”. They show different level and breakthrough from before on both quality and innovation, receiving positive comments in the market!

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