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New Laws
Multiple Departments of Liuan City Reinforce The Regulation Of Game and Amusement Venues

In early 2016, the Ministries of Culture and Public Security of China jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening of the Regulation of Game and Amusement Venues for Promoting the Industry’s Healthy Development”, which clearly specifies that administrative departments of culture at all levels shall not take the liberty of stopping acceptance of the examination and approval of game and amusement venues.  The Notice has also canceled the administrative provisions pertaining to the plan for total quantity and deployment of game and amusement venues and reduced entry barriers.  As a result, recently the number of game and amusement venues in Liuan City has abruptly increased.  Following the Ministries of Culture and Public Security issuing the Notice to reduce the entry barriers, animation and game venues in Liuan City have quickly mushroomed and irregular acts have also happened from time to time.

On May 16, the Public Security Bureau of Liuan City convened the work meeting regarding the regulation of animation and game venues in the city districts.  In the meeting, all the branch bureaus reported consecutively about the status of the work of inspecting and registering animation and game venues in the city districts and also conducted discussion and exchange on the work of strengthening animation and game venue regulation.  The meeting pointed out that after the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Regulation of Game and Amusement Venues for Promoting the Industry’s Healthy Development” was issued, the animation and game industry has thrived and brought serious challenges to the work of public security organizations to maintain public order.  Therefore, the work and tasks of attacking gambling, illegal acts and crimes have become more difficult.  The meeting required: firstly, changing the mindset and innovating the administrative model.  Public security organizations shall change passive actions into active actions and thoroughly strengthen the intra-event and post-event regulation, and must not allow the spread of gambling activities in the animation and game industry.  Secondly, step up publicity and create anti-gambling momentum.  Police at police stations shall actively visit relevant venues for publicity, issue open letters regarding legal operation and strict prohibition of gambling to venue operators and employees, and sign the letter of prohibiting-gambling responsibility with operators.  At the same time, they shall conduct extensive publicity toward society through utilizing the media such as television and the Internet.  Thirdly, reinforce regulation and severely attack gambling related crimes and illegal activities.  They shall strengthen on-site inspection and abide by the laws to severely and quickly attack gambling related problems once the problems are verified to be true.  Fourthly, coordinate closely and join forces in regulatory work.  They shall take initiative to strengthen the contact with relevant departments such as culture departments, establish a good information exchange mechanism, grasp the basic conditions of game and amusement venues in a timely manner, launch joint inspections, and join forces in regulatory work.  Fifthly, fortify leadership and strengthen territorial regulatory responsibilities.  They shall specify tasks, strengthen work responsibilities, ensure the handling to be highly effective, and duly carry out attacks and rectification.


To strengthening the administration of game and amusement venues in Liuan City, further regulate the entertainment market order and create a good social and cultural environment, on May 19 the “fight against pornography and illegal publications” working unit office led multiple departments such as the departments of law enforcement of culture, industry and commerce, quality supervision and fire prevention to join forces and conduct snap inspections at a number of animation and game venues such as Fengqing Animation City and Sanxing Entertainment Game Center in prosperous business areas like Jiefang Road, Meishan Road, Renmin Road and Yunlu Street.  The inspections aimed to investigate and punish game entertainment venues for unlicensed operation as well as acts involving a single license for multiple uses, license and certificate not matching, and certificate and address not matching.  The departments warned game and amusement venues against installing the game and amusement equipment that have not been examined and approved by the departments of culture and altering game facilities and equipment without authorization.  The departments also warned that game and amusement venues are prohibited from installing game devices and facilities with gambling functions such as coin dispensing and credit-out functions and are also prohibited from giving other people valuable objects such as cash and securities through the buy-back method.  Regarding the problems discovered during inspections, based on their respective duties and responsibilities all departments gave operators the order to rectify and also publicized related laws and regulations toward operators.  The departments ordered 7 animation and game venues that had incomplete licenses and certificates and irregular operation to close down, which has created a strong deterrent effect to the acts of illegal game and amusement operation and facilitated the industry’s healthy development.


On May 24, the Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau of the city convened a training meeting for the work of examining, approving and administering amusement-category entertainment venues throughout the city.  Branch leaders of the culture, radio, television, press and publication bureaus in all counties and districts reported the actual situation of the special rectification movement on amusement-category entertainment venues in their districts.  Relevant functional offices and organizations of the Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau of the city have learned about the provisions and rules of the “Regulation for the Administration of Entertainment Venues” and conducted system training for the examination and approval of amusement-category entertainment venues; for the difficult and key points in the examination and approval processes, they placed emphases and requirements and reported the problems existing in the work of examining, approving and administering amusement-category entertainment venues; they deeply analyzed the situation and tasks faced in the work of examining, approving and administering amusement-category entertainment venues.  Regarding the emphases, firstly, unify thoughts and understanding.  They shall unify thoughts with the existing regulations and policies of the country, ensure the standards for the work of examining and approving amusement-category entertainment venues to be consistent with the country’s deregulating the requirements on the amusement-oriented entertainment market.  Secondly, strengthen learning and training.  The examination and approval personnel shall reinforce their learning of regulations and training, grasp policies, comprehend standards and enhance operational capability.  Thirdly, standardize examination and approval.  They shall make the projects for examination and approval open, the requirements open and the procedures open, unify the examination and approval standards in their districts and standardize the procedures.  Fourthly, establish the mechanism that those who examine and grant approval shall be held responsible.  The examination and approval work is the function and also the responsibility of the examination and approval departments.  All examinations and approvals shall be able to pass reviews, and once the cases are approved, the examination and approval departments shall fulfill their responsibilities.  The examination and approval work is the basis of law enforcement and administration and the basis shall be duly controlled according to the laws and regulations and the requirements of the Ministry of Culture in order to lay a sound foundation for the law enforcement departments’ law enforcement and administration and ensure a healthy development for the amusement-oriented entertainment industry of Liuan City.


The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 143 in June, 2016.

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