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New Products by Guangzhou Yada Licheng Make Spectacular Debut

■ Asu Su/Vita He

Guangzhou Yada Licheng Amusement Game Co., Ltd. is a professional kids amusement product manufacturer and an integrated enterprise covering development, production, marketing and sale.  The company possesses a production team adopting strict management, an innovation-centered game machine development team and an enthusiastic after-sale service team.  Its products have made inroads into various overseas markets across the world including countries and territories in South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Guangzhou Yada Licheng has been insisting on the corporate development philosophy of “integrity, innovation and technology” and has been committed to providing high-quality amusement products to clients across the world.  The ultimate goal of Guangzhou Yada Licheng’s devotion to the kids amusement industry is to bring the entertainment spirit of games to each consumer.  The company continuously provides players with a wide variety of innovative games and amusement products and brings the fun of playing games to global players, demonstrating its robust growth to the world.  At GTI China Expo held in September, Guangzhou Yada Licheng will present exciting products.  Here are the two newest products by Guangzhou Yada Licheng to give readers a sneak peek.


Having “integrity, innovation and technology” as the corporate development philosophy, Guangzhou Yada Licheng provides high-quality amusement products to clients across the world and brings joy to everybody. 

 Square Cube Air Hockey

Styles: Blue Ocean, Pink Princess, Classic White and Colorful Forest

Game rules:

1.    Players can choose the 2-player (face to face) or 4-player mode;

2.    After inserting coins, each player gets 3 or 5 points.  They can find 2 pucks and begin the game;

3.    Players should hit pucks into the opponents’ goal and one point will be deducted from the player whose goal is scored on;

4.    After the game is over, players obtain tickets based on their scores.



1. The whole metal machine case is sturdy and of high aesthetic value;

1.    2. Plastic panel with the entire table top and frame produced through one-piece molding;

2.    It employs high-tech circuit boards and stable programs;

3.    The strong wind power enables pucks to move rapidly on the table top;

4.    Dazzling lights and light boxes feature automatic changes;

5.    Game machine style can be customized.

Machine Dimensions: L1100 x W1100 x H750 mm; Power Consumption: 380W; Weight: 100kg

 Square Cube Air Hockey” comes in four styles.

Snow Brawl

Game rules:

1.    Insert coins to start the game;

2.    The game has three levels.  The player can enter the next level after meeting the requirements of the current level.  When time is over on the third level, the game is over;

3.    Each level has a time limit.  If the player has not reached the score to pass the level when the time is up, the game is over and the player cannot go onto the next level;

4.    When the game ends, the player will get tickets based on the score obtained.  With a score exceeding the highest record, the player can obtain additional tickets.



1.    It is a type of level-passing ball throwing game that has three levels and each level features different game rules and different degrees of difficulty;

2.    Lovely sponge balls are used;

3.    The ideal game for parent-child interaction and linked competition.

Machine Dimensions: L1900 x W900 x H1790 mm; Weight: 100kg ; Power Supply: 220v 50Hz/60Hz; Power Consumption: 280W.


 “Snow Brawl” is a type of level-passing ball throwing game and ideal for parent-child interaction and fun.


※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 145 in August, 2016


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