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GTI’s Motivation - Introducing the Exhibits to Global Audience

Asu Su
The 10th anniversary grand show, GTI Asia China Expo 2018, is just around the corner.  Though the global buyers do not arrive at Guangzhou, they have provided the GTI Asia China Expo committee with their needs such as special new products, targeted exhibitors, booth information, targeted products and budgets.  600+ exhibitors are poised to expose partial new products and hot sale products in advance to centralize popularity.  In order to welcome this 10th anniversary, GTI Asia China Expo will feature 8 halls and more than 20 kinds of amusement products.  There will be over 1,700 new products making debuts at the show floor, covering video games, amusement park equipment, children’s amusement equipment, VR & AR, inflatables, water park equipment, motorless amusement equipment, and other indoor and outdoor amusement equipment.  Here, we introduce some splendid exhibitors and products to you!

Hall 1.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 70
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 150sq.m: some 15
Exhibitors come from: Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, among others.
Featured products: FEC Amusement Equipment, VR, Gift Machines, Small-size Amusement Facilities.

A number of well-known comprehensive games and entertainment enterprises will gather together in Hall 1.1.  For instance, Zhongshan Shiyu Group & UNIS, which is famous for its plentiful variety of original game machines such as Polar Igloo (enhanced edition) and Candy Capsule.  Do not miss their hot products.

Tecway, a professional manufacturer of producing children’s amusement equipment for over 20 years, will launch Amber Bus, Poli Car, and other lovely kiddie rides series.  Tecway sincerely invite you to experience their products.

Superwing is mainly engaged in shooting game machines and car simulators and will present 55” VR Chariot and Ice Man 2 at the GTI expo, bringing you an exciting and dynamic game experience.

Following a transformation, Shunhong now focuses on producing and selling medium-sized amusement equipment and redemption machines.  The simulator Allied Tank Attack 2 and the coin pusher Hoops Mania and other brand new high-revenue games & amusement equipment will be on display at GTI expo.

Lida, a well-known gift machine manufacturer, is famous for its diverse products and excellent workmanship.  Lida has integrated the world-famous attractions and other elements into the design of gift machines and crane machines, which have been well received by the market.  And Lida will exhibit the Carnaby Series in light blue, the Telephone Series, and other distinctive series of gift machines, which are available to buyers around the world.

Zhuoyuan, one of the leading enterprises of VR equipment in China, strongly recommends the VR products like VR Dark Mars Simulator and VR Mecha, which are popular among buyers at home and abroad.  Once again with the sci-fi surreal appearance and the game content, the dividing line between virtual and real will be drawn in Hall 1.1.

Funshare is mainly engaged in sports games such as Extreme Snowboard and Starry Sky.  It is a benchmark enterprise for sports game products in the industry.  Sports + entertainment is one of the features of its products.

Sea Animation will demonstrate the fishing product Ocean Party and hunting product Medals of Heroes at GTI show.  Continuing the reputation of high-revenue and popular, Sea Animation looks forward to meeting you on Sept. 12th ~14th.

Taiwan-based enterprise Seven Fairy, which has set up a branch in Guangzhou, has specialized in gift machines for more than 20 years.  Seven Fairy owns many direct-sales stores and has rich operational experience.  Its gift machines are colorful and unique.  Cartoon House is one of its masterpieces.

Landi will bring two brand new redemption machines - Super Crane and The Legend of Flower-Fruit Mountain 2s.

Qianhui launched the popular amusement facilities Happy Singing and Networking Crane Machines to link the entertainment mode of flow economy with online and offline.

Neofuns, with its cutting prize machines that are popular among thousands of game entertainment places in China, has launched many new products such as Cut Ur Prize 3 and Happy Frog to create a splendid corner of scissors series game machines.

Huatong, a veteran domestic video game manufacturer, has developed new redemption machines such as The Big Adventure and UFO Baby based on its years of R&D experience in the development of high-revenue game products.

Hall 2.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 50
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 150sq.m: some 15
Exhibitors come from: Guangzhou, Zhongshan, and others.
Featured products: Simulators, VR, Crane Machines, Childrens Amusement Facilities.

Look has long enjoyed a great reputation in its indoor and outdoor amusement facilities, especially in the manufacture of small and medium-sized amusement equipment.  And G-Look will exhibit mini-train series products such as Time Travel and Happy Hour at this GTI show.

Yi Eel Shang, a Taiwan-based professional manufacturer of crane machines owns a large number of original design crane machines from small-sized cane machines for children to super-large crane machines for parent-child families and adults, you name it.  What’s more, Yi Eel Shang’s products are exported to Europe and other overseas markets, and the hot-sale products such as 6-player Baby Bear crane machine and DIY Gold House will meet with domestic and foreign buyers at their 434 sq.m booth in GTI expo.

The veteran manufacturer Zhanhui that is particularly outstanding in the crane machines and racing games simulators will bring its hot and new products - Speed Rider 3 and Toy story 3 to display at the 10th GTI Asia China Expo.

Nitto Fun gives full play to its advantages in game design and machinery manufacturing, and it has created a variety of FEC series of game entertainment products such as Deep Sea Adventure 2 and Fantasy Forest Bowling (Deluxe Edition).

With the ultra-strong technique and creativity in indoor and outdoor amusement park attractions, Prodigy brings large-sale amusement products - 26 Seats Royal Crown Carousel and Monkey King Jumping to carry out the family entertainment mode to the end.

Sealy, a well-known manufacturer of electronic game development in the industry, takes FEC equipment as the main direction, and at the same time produces abundant AR interactive projection products.  Numerous new models such as Candy Bubble and Dinosaur Century Spout will be presented in this GTI expo.

Huangyue is a well-known distributor of game machines in the industry.  It has a large number of hot-sale products like the redemption machine Futbol Mundial, will be launched at GTI show.

China's first-class environmental art design enterprise - Elephant Sculpture brings a new work The Ice and Snow Mirror for its paradise venue design to create a magical world of ice and snow!

What’s more, a number of companies in the crane machine sector will also bring innovative and new products with super IP to GTI Asia China Expo, such as Color World and Pink Double Mini House crane machine from Jixingleyuan, Song Wang’s Kumamon series and Europe Style crane machines, and Turning Play and Space Shuttle crane machines from Joyplay.

Hall 3.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 51
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 150 sq.m: some 13
Exhibitors come from: Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, and Zigong
Featured products: redemption machines, simulators, crane machines, shooting games, small-sized amusement equipment, theme park management systems.

With the exclusive exhibition area of 700sq.m, Wahlap, the national video game prominent enterprise, will showcase over 80 various kinds of game machines.  Overtake (VR), co-developed by Wahlap and Taiwan IGS, and Rabbids, a hot game imported from overseas, along with a range of new products will be presented at the expo.

A good many themes and new materials will be presented by Tongli such as Crazy Toy 4 and Crazy 3 Stars along with other hot products.

Play More, the professional operator of video redemption products, will bring a profitable revenue machine - Bounce Fireball, which combines 6 classic games, and a precise market positioning and large market demand game - Lucky Kiddy.  Besides, more hot redemption machines that can double your revenues will be showcased at GTI Asia China Expo.

BaiShun (HuaTai) will present new shooting game Sniper Elite AR (without headset), military style large-screen shooting game - The King of Guns and other series of game machines.

There will be upwards of a hundred new products presented at the expo, such as Arccer’s Sonic Quick Hand, Jinhui’s GO! GO! Watermelon and Battle in Halloween, Shanzhifu’s Car Robot and Lucky Money, Saint-Fun’s Street Basketball (WeChat Edition) and Fast Beat Battle Rider, M Sky’s Moto X and Jungle Around as well as Little Cat’s Playing House and Baby Rolling Ball from XinXingYa.  Let’s look forward to the show.

Hall 4.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 53
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 150sq.m: some 15
Exhibitors come from: Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Taizhou, and Wenzhou, among others.
Featured products: VR games, redemption machines, shooting games, kiddie rides, trampolines.

For new redemption games, Jiuyou’s Gifts From Above and Machine Family series will be presented at the show.

What’s more, Rongxiang’s Halloween and Lucky Gold will be presented at the show.

Flying, which is noted for its shooting games, will showcase its magnum opus 3-player Hunting Hero and multiplayer sport game Bowling.

As the only VR business inspection point, NineD will bring its masterpiece V of War, and Bear Baby which is developed for children.

As for the machinery games, Dacheng will present Hurricane One Racing and Deification Carousel.

For gift machines, No. 3 Animation will showcase the crane machine series Fresh Milk and Crown Telephone Booth to access to its markets.

Hall 5.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 86
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 150sq.m: some 9
Exhibitors come from: Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Shanghai, Nanjing, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, to name several.
Featured products: Dancing Machines, Mini KTV, redemption machines, kiddie rides, inflatables, VR&AR, parts & accessories.

Qiji, a service provider which is dedicated to offering solutions to ticket and credit exchange of indoor theme park or video arcades etc., will present its exclusive equipment - E Yuan Automatic Money Changers and Gift Exchange machines.  Beslepark will present a host of new inflatables such as Skiing Adventure and Macarons-style Modern Castle to global buyers. Chuangqi’s exquisite Star Tours and the thrilling haunted house - Dead Cry will provide the new expedition entertainment to the players.

Hall 6.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 71
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 150sq.m: some 10
Exhibitors come from: Dalian, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhu, Fujian, Henan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, and Shenzhen.
Featured products: VR&AR, kiddie rides, inflatables, parts and accessories.

Macrown, founded in 1998, is known for its series of crane machines, gift machines and ice cream machines in the market.  By means of its unique and novel products along with attentive service, Macrown wins extensive recognition in the market.  As ice cream machines are featured products, Macrown will showcase the series of 2-player Ice Cream and 4-player Ice Cream.

As for VR products, Hall 6.1 converges over 20 VR suppliers such as Sile and Movie Power.  Sile will bring arcade games and large-scale scene VR products like VR Combat and VR Haunted House, while Movie Power is presenting the experiential masterpiece VR Rowboat and VR Flight Simulator, blending extreme sports into VR products.

Covering the largest exhibition area of 270sq.m in Hall 6.1, VRWAY will present blockbuster VR titles like Cross The Alliance and Hyperun, offering players spacious room for walking.

Tongyou, dedicated to developing children interactive projection equipment, is presenting a raft of showpieces such as its masterpiece Bullseye Party which combines archery and interactive projector. 

Superboy, a one-stop integration amusement brand provider that supplies super IP - GGbond and Lebeier chain park, is bringing a good deal of theme inflatables such as Joy Inflatables and Forest Series Inflatable to the show.

Hall 7.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 50
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 100sq.m: some 3
Exhibitors come from: Beijing, Binzhou, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Zhengzhou, Dongguan, Guangzhou, and Zhongshan.
Featured products: Outdoor development projects, kiddie rides, bumper car, medium-sized amusement equipment, gift machines.

Focusing on parent-child interactive and educational projects, XingShiLe will launch the Archaeological Paradise, a large-scale archaeological science experience project for children.  With 20 years of established Sino-British joint venture background, World Fun has provided a number of classic products for theme parks and indoor playgrounds around the world.  It has become a benchmark in design, research and development, quality and other aspects of the industry.  At GTI Expo, World Fun will bring a number of large-scale amusement products such as Hammerhead Shark and Carousel.

Hall 8.1
Exhibitor quantity: some 60
Exhibitors with an exhibition area of 100sq.m: some 8
Exhibitors come from: Beijing, Rizhao, Binzhou, Zhengzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhanjiang, and Foshan.
Featured products: Outdoor development projects, kiddie rides, bumper car, medium-sized amusement equipment, gift machines.

Shi Ke Wei was established in 2009, mainly engaged in indoor and outdoor amusement products.  After several generations of improvement, its hot product Jiongjiongxia Electric Drift Car as well as a variety of bumper cars, small trains and other amusement products will appear at the expo.

LiMeiQi owns 9 special equipment production licenses in Henan Province, has strong technical strength in the manufacture of large-scale amusement products.  It will bring a variety of amusement products such as Pirate Ship to the expo.

Jicai has creative concepts in the design of gift machines, creating a number of attractive and highly profitable gift machines.  It’s going to show the Colorful Doll Machine, Retail Machine and other series of products suitable for operation.

Lucky Dog, which mainly engages in soft playground production and park operation, will bring a variety of self-designed soft playground products such as Pirate Ship and Magic Tree House to the expo, to show the diversified entertainment experience of soft playground combined with high technology.

The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 167 in August 2018

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