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Ball Paradise From Jiuyou, to Create Your Own Crazy Capsule Toys Zone

The Ball Paradise Whole Series capsule toys machine recently launched by Guangzhou Jiuyou Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiuyou) has caused an enthusiastic response and widely praised by the industry. With pure mechanical operation experience, innovative projectile-type gameplay, the centralization of the core value of gifts and various carrier forms, Ball Paradise Series perfectly presents three characteristics of an excellent gift machine: extremely long life cycle, maneuverable mechanical gameplay, and diversified gifts.

Ball Paradise 4P (L) and the single version.

Ball Paradise is not the first mechanical gashapon machine developed by Jiuyou. It has many mechanical gashapon machines such as Crazy Capsule Toys and Crazy Capsule Toys Square Version. After the first “mechanical gameplay” of gashapon machine like free-falling gameplay, projectile-type gameplay, and crane gameplay, Jiuyou strives to create a brand-new trendy gashapon paradise. What Jiuyou wants to do is not the old-fashioned "sales methods", nor the "new retail" of the fantasy concept, but the beginning of the "capsule toys gift machine" and the redefinition of the "gashapon revolution".

Crazy Capsule Toys Standard Version (L) and its Square Version.

Aiming at the configuration scheme of fun parks, the play zones are divided into the following categories: gifts zone, basketball machines zone, racing zone, fighting machines zone, music game machines zone, and redemption machines zone, to name just some. As we all know, the most profitable areas in the park are the gift machine areas and redemption machine areas. The most representative products at the gift machine zone are the crane machines. However, now many fun places are dedicated to crane machines, with its very ideal revenue effect. Just as with the crane machine zone, have you ever fantasized about creating your own crazy gashapon zone?
Tailor-made "capsule toys application scene"
Create your own "crazy capsule toy zone"

All right, Jiuyou will also provide customers with multiple series of "capsule toys application scene" and multi-mode "operation solutions". It will start the new revolution of the gashapon industry, redefine the gift area of the park for you, and create the crazy capsule toys zone in the park for customers. (2019/6, No. 176GTI)

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