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Mexican legislators guarantee new gaming law(2014/12/03)

Whilst US citizens across the globe were celebrating Thanksgiving Day, a Mexican Lower House commission reached an agreement, without much fuss, for approving a white paper to create a new gaming law – something that in the past has created turbulent seas and a quagmire of good and bad intentions. The 1947 law is now on track to be replaced by a new, modern gaming law and bring an end to the 2004 amendments to the almost defunct law, which were designed to please friends and relations and granted criminals and pirates access to the Mexican gaming industry.  A debate on the gaming law, expected to commence this week, will now be undertaken by 500 legislators. The government commission has succeeded in its herculean task of finding a suitable replacement for the 1947 law and the proposed new law has 5 chapters, 216 articles and 12 transitional articles. In response to public and gaming industry demands, the new law should bring about well regulated, well controlled and responsible gambling operations in Mexico.  The semi-prohibitionist 1947 law, long flouted by both irresponsible and criminal operators and politicians, is on the way out. According to the commission, “The state will not promote gambling activity but it will not deny its existence. This is a precondition for gaming industry regulation.”

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