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International buyers remain key focus as MGS prepares new rates for visitor travel subsidies (2015/07/21)

It was one of the most successful – and pioneering – initiatives of the Macao Gaming Show in 2014, and efforts are now underway to develop the subsidy scheme that brought a record number of international visitors to the Asian gaming industry’s premier expo. The centre-point of a far-reaching campaign by the Macau SAR Government to encourage business and trade into the region, MGS is now finalising new proposals to broaden the special initiative and draw qualified buyers and visitors to Macau in greater numbers through a series of subsidies for travel and hotel costs.

Following the success of the 2014 buyer’s subsidy initiative, the Macao Gaming Show (MGS) is finalising details on its new scheme to provide support funding for international buyers and visitors to this year’s exhibition.

Part of a pioneering programme launched by the SAR Government to increase trade and industry within the region, the Macao Gaming Show is completing work on a series of special grants to help official buyers plan for their trip to MGS in November.

Included in the offering will be significant subsidies to qualified buyers, with contributions available towards the costs of round trip flight travel, transportation services to Macau and hotel accommodation in Macau or Taipa for up to four nights.
Last year’s scheme drew a record number of international visitors to the expo – 12,000 drawn from 20 countries – sparking a huge rise in attendance across the board. And this year, MGS is looking to build on the subsidy programme which is available to qualified buyers coming to the industry’s premier exhibition and conference, regardless of the size of their organisation or geographical base.

Marina Wong, Event Director and General Manager at MGS, said: “Last year’s Buyers Channel subsidies were a resounding success, contributing to our best attendance figures yet.

“We’re currently finalising details on our implementation of this year’s innovative scheme, which would offer exciting opportunities for businesses all around the world to develop trading relationships with the Macau gaming and entertainment industry. We have all been working very hard to help drive trade and industry throughout the region, and the support of the SAR Government – especially initiatives to promote its broader vision for Macau, has played a key role in making MGS one of Asia’s most exciting trade shows.”

Macau is currently striving to match its global reputation for gaming with a world-class leisure and tourism offering, and the Government-initiated Exhibition Stimulation Program is just one of the projects moving it toward this goal. Macao Gaming Show, and more importantly its owners, the MGEMA – comprising the top 150 gaming companies in the region – have been strong supporters of this broader campaign, sending delegations to key events to help promote the concept and enrich the diversity and quality of Macau’s global shows by pulling in trade from a broader business community around the world.  More Information: http://www.macaogamingshow.com/mgs2015/en/visitors/buyer-channel

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