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E-Service respond to the challenges presented by new £5 polymer note (2016/10/10)

As the new £5 polymer banknote entered the market on 13 September, E-Service helped operators to upgrade bill validators and change machines in venues across the country.  Operators across the country have been preparing for the implementation of the new £5 polymer banknote that was released on 13 September.

The new note’s increased security and durability will provide benefits in the long term, however most bill validators and change machines had to be upgraded, costing a significant amount of time and money.  With a diverse array of arcades and leisure companies looking to upgrade their validators, Mike Clokie, Managing Director at E-Service, has been assisting operators with the changes.  “We engaged with the community very early on and spent a lot of time discussing how individual businesses wanted to go about their upgrade" Clokie said.


Pictured is Mike Clokie, Managing Director at E-Service.

After liaising with operators and understanding the variety of quite different needs that exist, E-Service has also produced an Advanced Replacement service so clients are able to upgrade remotely.  Clokie said: “We’ve worked with some customers who have sent products into us and we return an already upgraded replacement.  We then upgrade the customers old product and put it on our shelf ready for the next one.”  As well as providing upgrades, E-Service carries information about their technology and the new £5 note on their website, while also offering a help desk for operators to contact.  “We published a product upgrade guide and can talk operators through it when the product and technology is in front of them.  We’re happy to share our technology and experience, and that works best for our customers,” Clokie added.


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