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A Major Date Change For ATRAX! (2017/08/18)

Due to high demand by exhibitors and visitors, ATRAX’s initial dates of 7-9 December 2017 have been changed to 1-3 February 2018.  This change is definitely believed to fuse greater energy and power to ATRAX.  ATRAX which serves as a major platform that acts as a guide for sector’s professionals and investors both from Turkey and from Middle East, Balkans, Caucasian Region, Africa, Russia, Turkic Republics and European countries where large scale projects are brought to life, is believed to be stronger than ever with this date change.  Tureks International Fair General Manager Nergis Aslan said  “In recent years both local and international exhibitors and visitors have been requesting this date change for ATRAX which is an international brand.  Among the reasons for this change was original ATRAX dates being too close to other exhibitions and corresponds to busy end-of-year period.  Honestly we’ve been thinking that this change was very logical and so we’ve already been working on this.  However, unfortunately exhibition date change is not a process that can be finalized in a snap due to things like exhibition venue availability, legal procedures and other factors.  But we’re glad that finally we’ve been able to implement this long anticipated date change as a result of our hard work.  Dates of 1-3 February 2018 will definitely boost ATRAX’s power.”

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