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Neurable creates world's first brain-controlled VR system (2017/9/19)

Showcased at the recent Siggraph event in Los Angeles, the Boston-based Neurable uses EEG (Electroencephalography) sensors combined with eye-tracking technology to allow users to interact with virtual objects through cerebral activity – creating a brain computer interface (BCI).  “Our approach is science-driven and cross disciplinary, incorporating elements of neuroscience, biology, statistics, machine learning and design to create the ultimate user interface,” said Neurable CEO and president, Ramses Alcaide. “With Neurable, mixed reality can finally achieve its full potential.”  For the Siggraph event, Neurable debuted Awakening, a VR game preview likened to the show Stranger Things and made in partnership with eStudiofuture.  


The system is controlled entirely through brain power.

In the game, the player is a child held prisoner in a government facility.  The player discovers they have gained telekinetic powers and must use them to defeat robot guards and free themselves from the lab.  The game is played entirely without use of a handheld controller.  “Brain signal acquisition is accomplished through our upgraded headband for the HTC Vive,” said Michael Thompson, vice president of Neurable.  “Simply remove the elastic straps in the back and replace them with our straps.  Our solution is a demonstration prototype of how brain sensors and neurotechnology can be integrated with AR/VR devices.  In the long run, we expect that AR/VR headset companies will integrate brain sensors directly into their products.  What the touch interface became to smart phones, BCIs will become to mixed reality headsets.


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