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Brazil would vote on gambling before year’s end (2017/10/31)

Congressman Rodrigo Maia, the Speaker in Brazil’s House Representatives, stated Wednesday 25 October that he wishes to include Gambling Legalization Bill 442/1991 to be voted by the Plenary of the House in November.  The proposal had been approved on August 30, 2016 by the country’s Special Gaming Commission.  Maia has vowed to vote on the piece of legislation next month. “If the bill is approved by the Congress, construction of casinos could kick off by 2018,” stated Rep. Nelson Marquezell.  HB 442/1991, which would legalize and regulate gambling in Brazil, was green-lighted by the country’s Special Gaming Commission in August 2016. The project has gained momentum in recent days with the inauguration of a pro-gambling parliamentary front.

The President of Brazil's Lower House, Rodrigo Maia, said he intends to call a vote on HB 442/1991 before year’s end.

Some of the salient points in Bill 422/1991 include:

– One Casino per State/Federal District with population of a maximum of 15 million people;

– Two Casinos per State/Federal District with population between 15 and 25 million people;

– Three Casinos per State/Federal District with population of larger than 25 million people;

– The above-mentioned limitations shall not be applied for municipalities considered to have hydromineral (thermal) resorts and that have had Casinos when they were legal, back in 1945.

Casino provisions as per Bill 442/1991 would mean potential building on 35 casinos throughout Brazil, as part of integrated resorts, and right now, Lenzi, concluded: “The background in casinos gambling legalization is pointing at the moment being favourable for approval, even only for casinos.

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