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The new legislation suggested that 32 casinos would be opened in Brazil

A new legislation proposes the construction of 32 new casinos in the South American country. A member of the Brazilian political party Brazilian Democrats, Paulo Azi, submitted a bill that would pave the way for 32 new casinos to be built in the South American country. The bill needs the approval from at least 81 Senators and presidential support.

The bill establishes the capacity and location of the casinos based on the population of each city. For example, a province with up to 15 million would be eligible to host one casino, while two would be permitted in territories with population between 15 and 25 million and provinces with more population could host a maximum of three casinos. According to the bill, the only city big enough to be able to host three casinos would be Sao Paulo, with a registered population of 45 million. In order to be approved the bill needs the majority vote from 513 MPs, a majority vote from 81 Senators and presidential approval. Moreover, if passed, the legislation would pave the way for the opening of resort hotels and casinos. Casinos would be able to occupy up to 10% of the resort area. The licences would be granted through a bidding process and would last for 30 years.

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