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Refreshed look of Clip ‘n Climb two climbing walls

Having launched its Prima range for multi-activity leisure venues in April, Clip ‘n Climb’s designers have now come up with new ways to ensure that the "wow factor" remains strong with its classic range. Jungle Vines and Morse Code are the first two to get the makeover. Chaz McManus, the design technician at the company’s New Zealand factory, said: “The project’s title is "refresh" which I think sums up our objective perfectly. Our aim is to take existing Clip ‘n Climb designs and modify them using the simplest means possible with the goal of creating a better product.” New panels and fresh graphics with vibrant new colours have been introduced and McManus added: “We are not necessarily aiming to change how specific challenges work, mainly modifying what exists in such a way that it presents itself as something new and exciting.” On the Morse Code Challenge, climbers work their way up a Morse Code message that reads "Clip ‘n Climb is fantastic fun." The Jungle Vines Challenge requires good balance, strong arms, steady legs and the ability to hang out from the wall. (2020/12/09)

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