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17DEAL-10_The Mayan VR Adventure
The Mayan VR Adventure
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17DEAL-10_The Mayan VR Adventure
Features: 1. High FPS, ultra HD grafhics, vive headsets, VR backpack.. 2. Modular & easily upgradable. 3. WeplayVR is a unique Walkthrough VR maze experience that offers realms of VR excitement for the player. 4. The unique game design coupled with a range of floor effects provides the player with a immersive VR experience & transports them into a world of dare-devil adventure. 5. Set on a small footprint of 4x3m, players wander through a maze avoiding obstacles and unlocking secret vaults as they unearth the lost treasures and advance to higher levels. 6. Set on a Modular Rumble Floor with a unique elevator system, the maze can be endless. 7. Watch your step, as there the virtual floor will fall apart, unfolding jaw dropping landscapes. 8. Operators can also optionally add heat, ice blasts, wind and water mist effects, controlled by our unique software, to further accentuate the experience. 9. Contains an extended CMS that offers unlimited seasonal game updates from the WeplayVR Library. Dimensions: 400D x 300W x 315H cm For more information, please contact Amusement Services International LLC. (ASI) Tel: +971 4 3384046 Fax: +971 4 3384832 Email: info@asi-world.com Website: www.asi-world.com
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