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Playing Instructions:
1. There are a total of 49 balls of seven different colors, seven balls for each color.  Players can bet on two areas.
2. Area One:
* Players bet on the seven colors to see which is the faster to gather five balls of its kind.  Players win 6x of the bets if they guess right, and the game ends.
* The machine will then draw out one more ball and if the ball is of the same color the players previously guessed, they win 10x of the bets.
* If players bet on the winning color and get a gold-framed ball of the winning color, they win double the WIN prize.
3. Area Two:
* Players bet on the amount of balls drawn out until the game ends.  This area is divided into 11 parts (A to K), representing 5~29 balls.  Each part has a different winning rate and please refer to the game scenes.

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